Stay Storm Safe: How To Protect Your Windows From Hurricane Damage

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hurricane window protection

The recent US hurricane season showed just how important it is for homeowners to be prepared if they want to have any chance of saving their homes from serious storm damage.

Hurricane Harvey alone is estimated to have cost over $200 billion in damage, and there is no doubt that some of this damage could have been avoided had people been more prepared.

In this sense, protecting your glass doors and windows is one of the things you can do to ensure your home survives a hurricane or other major storms, intact.

Hurricane Window Protection

When a window gets broken during a strong storm, the result is that the extreme winds outside suddenly have a way inside the building. This results in a huge pressure difference between the interior and exterior, which often causes other windows or doors to blow out. In some cases, this pressure difference can even rip the roof of the home straight off.

What this means is that anyone who lives in a potential hurricane area needs to know exactly how to protect their windows from hurricane damage. For this reason, we’ll now take a look at some of the most popular options that can help you ensure your windows and your home remain intact even in the face of a Category 5 storm.

Protecting Your Windows with Hurricane Shutters

Many people end up having to resort to boarding up their windows with plywood when they learn that a hurricane is bearing down on their home.

However, you’ll have a far better chance of your home surviving if you choose to prepare your home ahead of time by installing storm shutters or some other form of hurricane protection.

These hurricane-protection products are permanently affixed to your house and can be closed in seconds, allowing you to remain confident that your windows will be fully protected from the intense winds and flying debris.

These screens are usually custom-made to ensure a tight fit, and most screens feature a panic bar on the inside so you can easily escape in the event of an emergency.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters – Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

Colonial hurricane shutters are one of the more popular options for hurricane window protection.

These metal shutters are designed to look like traditional wooden colonial shutters, which ensures they add aesthetic appeal in addition to protecting your windows from damage.

The shutters provide clear views out of the windows when open and usually feature bi-fold or tri-fold hinges for easy opening and closing.

Stay Safe with Rolling Storm Shutters

This type of rolling shutter is a popular option for both homes and businesses.

Most rolling shutters are remote or battery operated, which allows you to open and close them at the push of a button.

In addition to providing total protection from even the most extreme storms, these rolling shutters can also improve your building’s energy efficiency by allowing you to block out the heat and sun.

Above-Average Protection with Accordion Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are another excellent option for those looking to stay safe during a storm.

These shutters feature interlocking metal panels that allow you to completely fold the shutters away when not in use.

The interlocking panels provide the advantage of being able to cover curved areas, as the shutters will automatically follow the radius of the curve.

In addition, the fact that the panels can be made in virtually any size makes this style of shutter an ideal choice for larger areas like balconies or picture

Hurricane Fabric, Security Screens, and Other Options

Although rolling and folding shutters tend to provide the highest level of protection, there is also a range of other options for hurricane window protection that can still work quite well depending on your particular needs.

Security screens are one such option. Also known as storm screens, this type of protection is made from a stainless-steel screen that is installed to completely cover windows, doors, patios, etc.

The steel mesh is strong enough that it cannot be cut, which provides protection from burglaries as well as keeping your home stay during a storm.

Protecting Balconies, Patios, and Decks

Hurricane fabric is one other option for those looking to enclose larger areas such as patios, decks, and balconies.

This type of protection is made from a heavy-duty fabric mesh, which is capable of withstanding extreme winds and strong impacts.

One major advantage of hurricane fabric is that it is available in any width, ensuring you can cover even the largest areas.

The fabric also features a quick lock-and-release system that allows you to enclose any area in seconds.

Hurricane Window Protection by Texas Overhead Door

As you can see, you have quite a few different options when it comes to hurricane window protection, all of which can be supplied and installed by Texas Overhead Doors.

Some systems definitely work better than others for specific applications, but in general, all of the systems listed above should be capable of ensuring that your windows remain safe during a hurricane or other severe storm.

In this sense, installing some form of hurricane protection could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Get in touch with us for an advice or a quote for your own hurricane window protection.

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