3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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garage door replacementsHaving a working garage door is the everyday expectation of a homeowner, which is something that inevitably causes
disappointment when a breakdown occurs. Eventually, the wear-and-tear gets to a point where garage door repair is no longer a viable option and instead involves garage door replacement.


Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstrip

garage door weatherstripAnyone who looks at a garage door generally isn’t inclined to pay attention to the garage door weatherstrip. That’s because it’s located at the bottom of the door and is often considered to be just something to grab if you have to open or close a door. However, its value goes far beyond such pedestrian concerns.


Creaks, Rattles, and Squeaks: How To Identify Bad Garage Door Noises

garage noiseDuring the course of its use, a garage door moves up and down in a way that shouldn’t require a second thought from the person using this structure. That’s because the garage door noise that reaches the ears offers a boring consistency which indicates that everything is just fine with its operation.


5 Pros & Cons of Automatic Garage Door Openers

Jan 19, 17 • Garage Door OpenersNo Comments

automatic garage door openersWhen technology and the garage door found a way to merge, the automatic garage door opener was one of the byproducts of that convergence. There’s plenty to like with this device, though it’s important to remember some of the drawbacks as well so that any decision to buy garage door openers doesn’t bring with it buyer’s remorse.


5 Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

Dec 29, 16 • Garage Door OpenersNo Comments

problem with garage doorThe convenience of being able to press a button and watch a garage door magically open can be undercut when issues develop that prevent such magic from taking place. A problem with garage door openers is something that many homeowners can face, though it isn’t necessarily a major problem. However, it could be a sign that some garage door repair is needed.


How to Teach Children About Garage Door Safety

Dec 12, 16 • NewsNo Comments

garage door safetyAs valuable as garage doors in Fort Worth can be to parents and other homeowners, nothing is more important than keeping their own children and other safe. When there’s a convergence between such doors and children, something that goes wrong can turn to tragedy. Therefore, it makes sense to provide children with garage door safety tips to avoid any possibility of such an occurrence.


How the Fall Season Can Penetrate Fort Worth Garage Doors

fort worth garage doorsWhen fall arrives in North Texas, certain changes are required by those residents and businesses with garages. That’s because a variety of circumstances can bring with them unforeseen issues that can range from deadly serious to simple annoyances. Such events mean that the type of garage doors DFW residents choose can often be more important than someone might think.


How to Know When It’s Time to Buy a New Garage Door

Oct 25, 16 • New Garage DoorsNo Comments

buy garage doorThe value of having a garage offers a homeowner or business can be seen in the way it provides multiple opportunities to deal with a variety of issues. The problem is that like any other product, a decision on whether to buy a new garage door will eventually have to be made.

The strategy to continually buy garage door products to hold off that day is what most people attempt. However, a new garage door installation is in order when a number of clear signs emerge that the door has moved from being an asset to a burden. Below are five ways to make that determination:


5 Ways to Keep Dirt & Debris Out of Your Garage

residential garage doorsOne of the constants for those with garages is that dirt and debris will somehow find their way into this area. With the high winds that are a part of the Texas landscape, there’s little defense against these issues finding their way into someone’s garage. The level of activity in there, the people coming through it and even the condition of the vehicles that reside in there can make it virtually impossible to keep things clean.


How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Opener

Aug 18, 16 • Garage Door OpenersNo Comments

broken garage door openerThe ease and comfort that comes with having a garage door opener are feelings that can change abruptly when this handy deviceis no longer working. There are a number of different reasons for what seems like a broken garage door opener. These can include such things as broken cables or springs, the alignment of the track needs to be fixed or an issue exists with the opener’s transmitters.


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