New Garage Door Installation

ft worth garage door installation

The need for a garage also requires having a door in place to either enhance the protection of the structure and possibly your home. That door also serves as a way to keep the heat or cold out and also offers some privacy. In some cases, that door may have passed the point of repair or been damaged in some way, which means that a new garage door installation is in order.

The Choice is Yours

For residential garage doors, there are different styles to choose from, with some having a preference for security over aesthetics. Others like the option of being able to glimpse from inside through the presence of windows. All of these can be achieved when you work with Texas Overhead Door.

When choosing a new wood door from us, you have the ability to customize your choice of either cedar, Douglas fir, Brazilian walnut or make it unique or you can simply choose. If steel is more to your liking, you’ll have a more durable version that won’t require a great deal of upkeep.

For over three decades, we’ve helped provide both Fort Worth residents and homeowners in the North Texas area with quality customer service when it comes to new garage door installation. Given the simple fact that an investment of this type can sometimes be a challenge to some residents, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll be able to get full value by working with out professional staff.

Knowledge Where It Counts

A very basic reason why it’s always wise to have your residential garage door installed by us is that we make sure that installation is performed safely. With our extensive background in the field, we know of far too many cases where a homeowner decides they want to tackle this challenging task. In the vast majority of cases, that’s a recipe for disaster, if not tragedy.

What happens is that some integral step is missed along the way or a shortcut is taken. Even if those things are addressed, having the required electrical knowledge or possibly removing an old door and then installing a new one are tasks that are always better left to the experts.

Helping to Avoid Danger

For example, making sure that springs are properly installed is paramount to the door opening and closing with ease. Equally important is ensuring that the metal cables that connect those springs are rigorously tight.

Otherwise, that means that the door could conceivably come crashing down on anyone who happens to be below it. Finally, brackets that work in sync with those cables need to be put in place properly or they could also cause havoc with the door coming loose at some point.

The convenience that comes with having a automatic garage door opener handy during bouts of inclement weather is one of the key reasons why Fort Worth residents tend to choose this option. That’s where the electrical knowledge is needed, which again reinforces why choosing the professionals at Texas Overhead is always the wise decision.

If such factors weren’t enough to convince you of the value of our services in this area, the mere task of coordinating this type of job can be ominous for the average handyman. Obtaining the proper-sized door and then undertaking all of the above duties can be time-consuming for someone that attempts this type of task.

A Quick and Easy Decision

That’s why peace of mind is something that can be achieved by simply contacting Texas Overhead Door. We have a long legacy of serving this area with top-notch customer service and are ready to make sure that the residential garage door you select is properly installed. So when you’re in the market for a new garage door installation, make sure to contact us to handle the job.

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