Stay Storm Safe: How To Protect Your Windows From Hurricane Damage

hurricane window protection

The recent US hurricane season showed just how important it is for homeowners to be prepared if they want to have any chance of saving their homes from serious storm damage.

Hurricane Harvey alone is estimated to have cost over $200 billion in damage, and there is no doubt that some of this damage could have been avoided had people been more prepared.

In this sense, protecting your glass doors and windows is one of the things you can do to ensure your home survives a hurricane or other major storms, intact.

Tips To Protect Your Garage Door In Texas Winter

insulating garage door for winter in texas

One of the largest moving structures of your house that will be exposed to cold weather is your garage door. Because of this, it is important to prepare and protect your garage door in winter.

While Texas may not get the coldest weather compared to other states, it definitely has its fair share of challenging weather.

3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Apr 11, 17 • New Garage Doors, WinterNo Comments

garage door replacementsHaving a working garage door is the everyday expectation of a homeowner, which is something that inevitably causes
disappointment when a breakdown occurs. Eventually, the wear-and-tear gets to a point where garage door repair is no longer a viable option and instead involves garage door replacement.


How to Keep Your Garage Warm During the Winter

garage maintenanceWhen you are focused on keeping your home warm during the winter months, do you worry that part of your problem is the garage door? Alternatively, if you have a freestanding garage and feel like the winter temperatures negatively affect your vehicles, you may be wondering how you can ameliorate that situation without spending a lot of extra money. In other words, if you walk into your garage and it feels cold, we have a few tips about garage door repair, inspection, and maintenance that may be right up your alley.


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