Garage Door Spring – Repair & Replacement


Over time, the springs in your garage door will wear with age and use. This could result in difficulty opening or closing the door, excessive noise, and even complete failure when the springs become damaged or broken. The winter weather is especially hard on garage door springs, which also can result in broken springs that need replaced. Overhead door spring repair is not a DIY job, however. Always trust the professionals when you need garage door repair work done.


Signs of a Worn or Broken Garage Door Spring                                                                  broken garage door spring

A broken garage door spring is a fairly easy diagnosis because the door will be inoperable. A spring that is starting to wear, however, might be harder to identify. Garage doors aren’t complicated, but they do have a lot of moving parts. If you are concerned that your springs might be going bad, look for these signs:

  • Squealing or other noise could be a sign of worn springs. They may just need lubricated, though, so try that first. If this does not stop the noise, it might be time to repair or replace the springs.
  • Safety cables that are missing or damaged. Some older door models have extension springs that don’t include a safety cable for extra protection. Consider upgrading to newer torsion coil springs and a safety cable system as soon as possible for the safety of everyone in your family.
  • An unbalanced door that makes opening and closing difficult is a sign that springs may need repair or replacement. Leaving this unattended can cause more parts of the door to wear and break because they are overcompensating for the damaged or worn springs.
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Why You Need Professional Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Garage door work is not a job you should do yourself, as mentioned above. Unless you are trained and experienced in replacing springs and other parts, you should call a professional. It is very dangerous to work with these springs, as they are big and under a fair amount of tension. Without the right tools and removal methods, the springs could release in a way that causes harm. Broken springs can fly off when released, breaking fingers and hands, or even causing damage to the property.

A professional will take the time to remove the old springs safely and calibrate the new springs so that the door operates evenly and smoothly. Without proper calibration, the door could create uneven or jerky movements that lead to further damage of the door itself or its parts. This could cost you a small fortune in replacement parts and labor to pay someone to fix the additional problems created by trying to do the work yourself.

How to find a garage door company

It is always best to hire a garage door spring repair & replacement professional to give you worry-free repairs that you can trust. They can take care of your overhead door spring repair and look over the rest of your opener system to ensure that everything is in working order, allowing you to have peace of mind that the work is done right. These trained professionals know how to handle a broken garage door spring and the work that comes with replacement or repair, and can give new life to any old garage door.

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    Great post, thank you!

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    I was not aware that a squealing sound coming from your garage door could be a sign of worn spring. My husband and I noticed that our garage door is not working properly, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of calling a garage door expert to help us.

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    My garage door is broken. I’m thinking it’s the springs. A professional would have to come and fix it for me.

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