Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Johnson County

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garage door repair johnson countyAre you experiencing utility bills in the summer and winter that are more than you can pay? Homeowners are always looking for tips that will save them money by cutting back on utilities. However, when it comes to garage doors, it is not always easy to figure out how to be more energy efficient. We have listed a few of the best maintenance tips below that are guaranteed to save you money in the long-term and short-term. Call us and we can advise you on money savings tips for  garage door maintenance in Johnson County


Installing an Insulated Garage Door

Far beyond regular maintenance, one of the best ways to stop losing money on your utility bills is to make sure that your home is fully insulated. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that there are dollars flying out of the garage door. Often, older models or builder grade doors are made from thin materials and do not have insulation at all. Consider a new insulated door. Always durable the 2000 Series has double insulation with energy efficiency and quiet operation. Our 3000 Triple-layer Series has EXTRA quiet operation because of the Steel-Insulation-Steel layers.

Check for loose Hinges

When performing your seasonal Garage Door Maintenance check for loose hinges which may cause large cracks in between the sections of your garage door. Any place where there are screws may need to be inspected to ensure it is tight. Our technicians take care of these specifics when called in for a routine Garage Door Tune-up.  At Texas Overhead Door we provide a basic Tune-up during each and every service call for no extra cost!

Replacing the Rubber Bottom Seal of Garage Door

One of the main areas of the garage door that you lose precious dollars through is the bottom panel. If your garage door is older than 10 years– ask us about the rubber bottom seal. We sell it by the foot and can install fairly quickly. Beside the hot or cold air coming in and out of your garage– there’s the issue of dirt, wind and rodents in your garage. New bottom seal will prevent pests, wind and dirt from coming into your garage… saving you more money.


Other Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter or Summer

Sometimes homeowners find that part of the problem with their garage door is that it is the wrong color. Certain colors absorb or reflect light, and this could be a key for keeping your utility bills under wraps. One other issue that causes significant heating and cooling loss is an improperly working garage door opener that does not completely shut the door. While many tasks are DIY in regards to garage door maintenance, hiring technicians for garage door openers in Johnson & Tarrant Counties is your best bet. Our technicians can  provide you with insight about your garage door maintenance that you may have overlooked. Call Today and let us start saving you money.

Hire a True Pro for your Garage Door Maintenance

Working on your garage door to save money on utilities can have daunting angles — even if you are familiar with tools and DIY repairs. There are many jobs related to the garage door that involve cutting with a razor knife and dealing with the dangers of a heavy door crashing to the ground unexpectedly. If you want to save yourself the struggle, a garage door maintenance professional is your best course of action. They can easily do all the energy saving maintenance chores you need for your garage door, and they may have suggestions that you were not aware of. To get started, give us a call. We look forward to helping you save money on your bills this year.

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