New Garage Door Installs Include New Parts & Tracks

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Garage Door Repair We received a phone call today from a distraught gentleman who stated: “I’m trying to find the company that installed my new door last year. They didn’t replace my spring and tracks, only installing the door. My spring’s broken and they need to come fix it”.

New garage door installations ALWAYS includes new tracks, springs, parts and hardware.

Our staff explained that we always remove all old tracks and old doors and hardware. We NEVER use old springs on a new door installation… no reputable garage door company would.

When You Need Your Garage Door Repaired, Ask these questions:

  1. What’s your warranty on new doors, labor & hardware? (BEWARE of LIFETIME WARRANTY on Springs.. see below)
  2. Do you need your old garage door hauled off?  (we charge only if it’s a wood door… metal doors–no charge)
  3. Is installation included in the price of new door?  (we included installation in the price of the door)
  4. Do you offer a site inspection? (we offer a FREE a site inspection, so our technicians can give you a concrete quote)
  5. Are Garage door openers sold separately from the new door?  (yes)

Texas Overhead Door Warranty on Springs

Some garage door companies give a lifetime warranty on springs. In most of these cases, they will replace the spring, but charge you a labor fee for installing it. Texas Overhead Door offers a one year and a three year warranty on springs. Our technicians always ask what you would prefer. If you chose the 3 year warranty spring and within those 3 years your spring breaks we will replace it. NO CHARGE and NO SURPRISE labor fees! We provide quick replacement at absolutely no charge to you, during regular business hours.

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