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Need a new garage door?

Many homeowners put off replacing their garage doors until it’s absolutely necessary — such as when the door is damaged, becomes unsightly or is simply no longer in working order. A damaged or malfunctioning garage door may not only be unattractive, but it can actually cause a dangerous household accident. Obviously, safety is the most important reason to replace an old garage door.

All homeowners are concerned about safety, but those who also care about their homes’ curb appeal know that a new garage door can be one of the most important home improvement projects to increase their homes’ resale value. Some home improvement ideas could include a new garage door that complements the front door, a door that features a contrasting color or a modern door that helps update your home’s style.

New Garage door materials

Another reason to consider the installation of a new garage door is the wide variety of materials that are available. Wood or garage doors with glass insets are often the choice of homeowners who value aesthetics. A wood garage door is a finely-crafted product that adds to your home’s curb appeal and you don’t need to worry about dents.

Steel garage doors are a popular choice and are available in many options, ranging from single-layered exterior to insulated heavy-gauge steel.

An excellent choice when considering safety, a contemporary lightweight aluminum door features the sturdiness previously found only in a heavyweight door.

No matter what material they’re composed of, all new garage doors have a higher insulation value than older doors. Steel doors have the highest value, while wood doors have the lowest. Most glass doors feature a low insulation value; however, they are also available with insulated glass panels. An additional advantage of insulated glass panels is they allow natural light to penetrate, resulting in further savings in energy costs.

Added Insulation & Strength

An insulated door can be an important energy saver, as it will keep heat inside during the cooler months and keep cool air inside during the summer. In addition, an insulated door blocks outside noise.

Importance & Safety for Garage Door Installations

The installation of a new garage door requires a professional, manufacturer-specified job that will preserve the value and extend the life of the door. Because the average homeowner doesn’t have the extensive training needed to safely and properly handle a garage door installation, a do-it-yourself job could potentially end up a failure and, worse yet, a tragedy.


For over 30 years, Texas Overhead Doors has served the Fort Worth area, specializing in both residential and commercial garage door installation. Our experienced staff is trained in every aspect of garage door installation, from removing the old door to installing the new garage door. Let our experts install your new garage door, so all you need to do is enjoy it for many years to come. Contact us today!

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