Remotes? Trash ’em. How to Control Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone

Smartphone Garage Door OpenerHave you heard of a smarthome or know someone that controls everything in the house with a smartphone? If you have a remote for your garage door opener, you can get rid of them because we can help you turn your smartphone into a remote control for your garage doors today. Like many of our customers, you want to make sure to get this transition done correctly to also include members of your family. To get advice about choosing the right apps, coordinating the apps with your specific garage door, get information about passwords or security, and other helpful advice from pros in the smartphone garage door opener world, keep reading!

Choosing the right apps to replace garage door remotes

Although it seems like you’re younger relatives may have more experience with things like smartphones and apps, it does not mean that they will be good at choosing the right app to permanently replace your garage door remote. Unfortunately, not all of the apps work as they are expected to, and there are other snafus that can occur. While most apps are fairly simplistic, keep in mind that garage doors are part of your home or property’s security system.

Coordinating the apps with your specific garage door

Remember how the universal remote was not exactly universal for all TVs and VCRs? The same is true for today’s so called universal app for garage door remote use on your smartphone. Well the one size fits all app for garage doors may work for a few specific models, others require downloading an app from the company that makes your opener.

App questions about passwords or security

Downloading an app and identifying the right one to replace your garage door remote might be easy, but you may be getting hung up on coordinating it with your current security system. If the situation is a bit above your skill set, professional garage door service providers can help. Furthermore, if you suddenly need to change some of your security features, it can be a little bit confusing if you are not familiar with the fine details of smartphone security that are compatible with home or building security systems. In other words, if you have specific questions about which apps will have the best security features, we are happy to help.

Other pro tips for smartphone garage door openers

One of the most obvious reasons that a customer cannot get a smartphone garage door opener To work is because their current machinery is simply outdated. This may not be obvious at first because some smartphone apps try to appear to be universal when they actually only work on specific models made in the past few years. One other reason that garage door owners need smartphone tips for replacing the remote pertains to security on their own smartphone that may need to be addressed by the service provider. 

Need an app, repair or garage door motor replacement?

Obviously, installing apps for residential garage doors DFW takes a little bit of finessing from professionals in some cases, and even smartphone experts can get frustrated. For this reason and more, we are here to help with any of your residential garage doors DFW issues — including smartphone-related ones. To get started, contact us or give us a call today. We have the experience you are looking for, and we can keep your garage door working effortlessly with our simple maintenance inspections. In the end, when you think of garage doors that need a TLC, call us today! We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for being our customer.

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  1. I like how you said that garage door professionals can help you download the right app to control your door. I would love to have an app for it because I already use my phone for everything. I could then download the app on all fo my family’s phones so everyone can have access to the garage.

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