How to Teach Children About Garage Door Safety

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garage door safetyAs valuable as garage doors in Fort Worth can be to parents and other homeowners, nothing is more important than keeping their own children and other safe. When there’s a convergence between such doors and children, something that goes wrong can turn to tragedy. Therefore, it makes sense to provide children with garage door safety tips to avoid any possibility of such an occurrence.

Listed below are some pertinent tips that parents can impart that will help offer some peace of mind:

Being a Good Role Model

While this is proper advice for any aspect related to impressionable children, the actions of a parent can be seen as perfectly alright. If such actions have an element of danger attached, a child will mimic them, actions that could potentially lead to dangerous consequences when it involves residential garage doors.

Staying Aware

While the concept of an attractive nuisance is often directed at things away from a home, some children can often be drawn to play with facets of their own garage door. By maintaining some sort of grasp of exactly where a child is at all times, the likelihood of catastrophe is effectively eliminated.

Keeping Children Away From the Door

Just because a door isn’t moving doesn’t mean standing near it is ever a good idea. That’s because an inadvertent bump by a child, a parent or someone else can start the garage door moving. Given its sheer size, the impact it delivers to a child can be deadly.

Keeping Fingers Safe

One specific reason for keeping children away from the door is because the top injury for them as it relates to garage door safety is getting their fingers caught in it. That can lead to great pain and suffering for the child and major medical bills.

Preventing Them from Standing Underneath a Door

Just as children should stay away from any garage doors in Fort Worth when playing, they should also avoid playing underneath any open residential garage doors. Though the chances are slim that the door will come crashing down, those odds won’t matter if a worst case scenario develops. This can be especially catastrophic if multiple children happen to be underneath, since the weight of the average door is approximately half a ton.

Understanding That the Opener is Not a Toy

Even though a child may be a wizard on the computer and can handle the television remote, they need to be instructed about not touching the garage door opener. That’s because they may inadvertently put themselves or other children in great danger. In some cases, adults aren’t immune from being injured because of a child-like innocence to treat this device as a toy.

Take Care of Maintenance

Like anything that’s used constantly, garage doors in Fort Worth can fall victim to standard issues related to the parts used on it or other aspects. By having regular maintenance performed, such issues can be addressed before they ever reach a level that could be potentially deadly for a child. One of the most dangerous is playing with a spring that needs to be replaced, since the lethal impact of having it snap back could kill a child.

The Basic Truth

Residential garage doors can be expensive, but they can always be replaced. The same can’t be said of a child. That philosophy should be deeply ingrained when the subject of garage door safety is discussed with children. It’s wisdom that could save a life. Contact Texas Overhead Door for any questions about garage door safety and other helpful safety tips.

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