The Dangers of DIY Broken Spring Replacement

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Garage Spring ReplacementThe springs on a garage door serve as the most important component when it comes to opening and closing that door. That’s because the springs help support its entire weight, so when those springs eventually wear out or break at some point, it’s time for a garage door spring replacement.

Very few people take into consideration the many parts of a garage door that need to work in concert each time for it to open or close. Instead, they only become aware of something being amiss when performing those simple acts becomes impossible.

What Takes Place When Springs Break

Springs can often seem harmless due to their lightweight appearance. However, in order to lift a heavy garage door, those springs require tremendous torque from a coil that’s wound extremely tight. If garage door spring replacement is all that’s needed, that means removing it while it’s still in working order.

Taking into account that the torque involved means being aware of just how fast the coil can snap back. For the inexperienced individual, or someone with a yen to try a DIY project, that snap will likely take place unexpectedly. This can lead to such things as injury, disfigurement or even death.

In many situations, a spring may break without any warning. Such circumstances will demand immediate attention, but only from a trained technician who knows the many pitfalls and potential dangers that can come in relation to spring replacement.

The Dangers of Springs

Generally, garage door springs have a lifespan of approximately five or six years, although many people choose to tempt fate by simply being satisfied with the status quo. That can be a costly mistake, since there have been instances where the opening of a garage door later results in the entire door crashing to the ground from springs that break.

In such cases, no fatalities have occurred, but the events serve as a chilling reminder of what could conceivably happen. For example, any adult standing underneath that door will, at the very least, be seriously injured from the sheer weight involved. Meanwhile, if any children happen to be situated underneath when this takes place, they’ll likely be killed.

Even though the most recent study that focused on garage door injuries was from 2007, the numbers related to injuries from springs are still sobering. During that calendar year, the number of spring-related injuries that resulted in some form of hospital treatment was a total of 313 people.

One indication of just how dangerous any attempted repair by someone seeking to save money is the comparison of the torsion springs to a helicopter blade. Both are vital parts of their respective overall units but, once unleashed, can cause great havoc to the surrounding area and anyone in their path.

The Spring Repair Process

Garage door spring repair involves not only taking the spring out, but also putting a specific metal bar in place. That bar must be spun and locked repeatedly during the entire installation process, which can be a tedious effort. Such tedium can often lead to inattention, which could be deadly or even fatal to the individual making the effort.

It’s important to remember that if your door has two springs, but only one is broken or needs garage door spring repair, both should be replaced at the same time. That will avoid the prospect of having to again contact Texas Overhead Door about garage door spring replacement concerning the other currently-working spring.

Other Reasons to Avoid DIY Jobs

A few other simple reasons why trying to perform garage door spring repair is an activity best left to the experts is that simply purchasing replacement torsion springs can be a difficult, if not impossible, endeavor.

That’s because companies that offer such products are aware of the dangers involved in DIY projects of this nature. Therefore, due to the likely prospect of litigation resulting from any injuries suffered, they refuse to sell springs to anyone other than licensed garage door companies like Texas Overhead Door.

Also, the amount of time involved in this garage door repair can be turn out to be extensive and put a severe crimp in your social activities.

Regular Maintenance is the Best Practice

Having the springs checked during regular maintenance visits by Texas Overhead Door is one way to create awareness of any potential dangers. That will allow any garage door repair to be handled quickly and by experienced personnel.

Even more importantly, our technicians are specifically trained in all areas of garage door repair. This includes all aspects related to springs, so make sure to give us a call when circumstances warrant. Such visits are much less expensive than medical expense, lawsuits or a funeral. Contact the experts at Texas Overhead Door today for all of your garage spring replacement and garage door related services & repairs.

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