LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Installation

The residents of North Texas that are lucky enough to have an available garage know the untold benefits that spring from having something like this available. The unrelenting sun that arrives each summer, the high winds that are seemingly ever-present and the heavy downpours that are endured all point to the value of this type of structure.

Something that enhances that value is the presence of a garage door opener that often helps avoid having to deal with such climate concerns. Simply pressing a button can open and close a door helps ease the entry and departure of a vehicle.

When it comes to LiftMaster garage door opener repair and installation, the process can often be a complicated endeavor that demands a greater attention to detail than the average handyman can provide. That’s especially true when choosing a Liftmaster opener installation, due to the variety of different choices available to a homeowner.

The garage door opener installer that’s tasked with installing a Liftmaster has to be equipped to handle any of the three options available to customers. Listed below are the trio of considerations, each of them based on the level of need that customer has on a regular basis.

Contractor Series

This opener is for those who prefer simplicity and basic ease of operation. A garage door opener installation of this sort will offer four different considerations to choose from, with three of them using a chain drive while the other works with a belt drive operation.

All of them offer the unique MyQ technology, which offers a homeowner the ability to control operation of both the door and lighting from anywhere. Even though this serves as the most basic model that the company offers, the many nuances involved with this Liftmaster opener installation demand that it be handled by a certified professional, which fits the description of Texas Overhead Door. That helps ensure that safety concerns are eliminated and the warranty is still valid.

Premium Series

As would be expected, the six Liftmaster Premium models offer even more options, a situation that lends itself to making sure that the right garage door opener installer is used. In this case, that’s because of additional aspects that go beyond simply selecting a belt or chain model.

Here, a convergence of energy efficiency with quiet operation is what the customer receives. A high-tech component is also included, with the option of a battery backup. Those additional assets contribute another layer of complications to the installation process, which again reinforces the value of using a professional installer through an authorized dealer.

Elite Series

One of the key aspects of these four options is that the level of security features available for a homeowner is one of the most advanced. The choice can be between belt-with or without a battery backup, chain or the unique wall mount. In the latter case, the installation on the wall is something that offers additional space for those garages with higher ceilings.

The complications that are entailed once again make the prospect of having someone other than a professional installer handle the job a bad decision. That’s partly because of the potential dangers involved, but also stems from the belief that greater peace of mind is achieved by simply letting the professionals handle the job they’ve been trained to perform.

Experience Where It Counts

Texas Overhead Door has been around for more than three decades because of their ability to work with quality brand names and offer excellent customer service in the process. When it comes to Liftmaster opener installation, the experienced technicians we have available can perform their task promptly and in a professional manner.

Choosing a reliable garage door opener installer doesn’t have to be a lengthy process when it comes to what Texas Overhead Door can bring to the table. So when you’re in need of a garage door opener installation, make sure to contact us.

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