Commercial Sectional Door Replacement

The value that comes from using a commercial sectional door is one that can last a great deal of time if regular maintenance is performed. However, eventually all things need to be replaced and on some occasions, that commercial section door replacement comes faster than expected due to damage from an accident or weather issues.

A Variety of Concerns

While the prospect of replacing that door on your own will definitely save you money, it also puts you and any other individuals at potential risk. Those people will be needed simply because the average door weighs anywhere from 150 pounds to one ton. Failure to maintain that weight can lead to tragedy.

In addition to the door weight issue, having the proper tool and the training to follow instructions to the letter is important. For example, tightening a door with torsion springs requires using winding bars and use of a screwdriver here could result in injury.

Taking Everything into Account

Tracks for the door have to be aligned properly and close attention needs to be paid to the brackets and cable that are part of the door. In the latter case, the force of those brackets can result suddenly with no time to react.

The tendency of many do-it-yourselfers is to rely on any part that will keep it in working order. In truth, the professional technicians at Texas Overhead Door have experience in this type of replacement and know that access to original replacement parts is the best road to take.

The Peace of Mind Choice

Even if all of this effort works at first glance, a breakdown a week or month later puts you back in the same predicament as before. That’s usually a time when a business comes to the realization that perhaps going with Texas Overhead Door might have been the better plan all along.

Another factor that trying to handle commercial sectional doors replacement on your own does is potentially put the warranty of the door in jeopardy. That can turn out to be a costly mistake and one that’s avoided when the decision is made to go with professionals like the technicians at Texas Overhead.

One of the reasons that Texas Overhead Door is such a trusted source of commercial sectional door replacement is simple longevity. We’ve been around since 1986 and have seen our simple Texas operation expand deeper within the Lone Star State and into the neighboring states of Oklahoma and Louisiana.

That sort of expansion doesn’t happen without loyal customers who know that when they call us for the commercial sectional door replacement, the job will be done right. Contact us today.

Texas Overhead Door offers a full line of commercial sectional door services, including sectional door installation, sectional door repair, sectional door replacement, and sectional door maintenance.

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