Storm & Security Shutter Replacement

The comfort that can be gained for North Texas residents by using shutters is primarily due to their ability to blunt the force of heavy winds, keep away the torrid sun that’s part of every Summer and protect against the prying eyes of potential criminals. However, at some point, most of these factors take a toll on those shutters, which requires having them replaced.

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All Good Things Come to an End

The professionals at Texas Overhead Door know from experience that replacements of this nature aren’t really for the average handyman to attempt on their own. That’s because the stakes can often be high for those that rely on storm and security shutters for protection in one form or another.

Residents can’t afford to have a shutter that badly needs to be replaced as their main source of protection. When such winds strike during a heavy storm, they can be relentless and make the windows around a residence a virtual bullseye. Even if no one happens to be around those windows when a major storm strikes, the cost to repair any damage that results can often be steep.

Waiting Can Be Costly

Texas Overhead Door has enough history in the area to know that many people tend to procrastinate when it comes to this type of issue. Residents believe that they can get by with a substandard shutter until the following year. Such beliefs are often literally shattered when high winds, some with hurricane-force, strike quickly and destroy or damage the windows on a home.

Many of those residents come to realize their mistake either just prior, during or in the immediate aftermath of a storm. Such laments can be avoided by taking the proper steps to replace the shutters currently being used.

Protect Against Crime

Even during stretches where weather isn’t an issue, attempting to go forward with a faulty shutter or one that’s no longer truly viable can make a home vulnerable to the criminal element. Such individuals can get a glimpse of the inside of a home, which may contain assorted valuables.

The ability to negate what would be an inviting target to thieves is possible through shutter replacement. Such a simple decision offers a practical solution to what can sometimes be a vexing problem. In addition, it offers a relative peace of mind to the resident that they have an increased level of protection and privacy.

Inviting Curb Appeal

Since aesthetics often play some role in what type of shutters are selected, Texas Overhead makes sure to offer seven different colors to those who need a replacement. That allows the resident to choose the type of shutter that will work well with either the interior or exterior walls.

Also, some shutters will give off a look of a home that’s being boarded up. That offers an image of a residence or neighborhood that’s run down and is usually the type of structure that thieves will target. A Texas Overhead shutter does nothing of the kind and reinforces the decision to replace an older model.

Quality Material and Staff

With different size panels available, any number of window varieties can be accommodated. The professionals working at Texas Overhead arrive promptly, work as quickly as possible and don’t leave until the replacement shutters are working as intended. That means that the process can often be expedited to meet the needs of a resident.

Once the shutters are in place, that resident will have the satisfaction of knowing that the end retention for those shutters goes beyond the industry standard and ranks at the top. This helps enhance the security of the home and will likely be reflected in lower home insurance costs.

A shutter replacement may be needed for either the interior or exterior of the home. Residents should be aware that selecting the interior option allows them to meet the Homeowner Association (HOA) requirements established by the state of Texas.

The Resident’s Best Friend

Since opening for business in 1986, Texas Overhead Door has made quality customer service one of the central components of their business strategy. This encompasses a variety of areas, including shutter replacement, so if it’s time to replace the shutters you currently have in place, make sure to contact us today.

Texas Overhead Door not only provides high quality storm and security shutter repair to businesses and residents alike, but we also specialize in Storm & Security Shutter Installation, and Storm & Security Shutter Repair services.

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