Ideal for retail storefronts, horizontal sliding commercial gates prevent break-ins yet provide optimum visibility of your products or merchandise.

Customize the Perfect Commercial Gate for Your Storefront

Retail Storefront Gate ClosedChoose from up to a dozen grille patterns in different strengths, floor tracks or not. You can choose hand operated or automatic gates. Commercial gates can be installed within a closet or wall pocket, eliminating any unsightly appearance when not in use. You can also choose from different grille designs, including gates with tighter patterns in the grille to prevent your products from passing through.

Features of our commercial gates include:

  • High-level security
  • Solid aluminum panels
  • Smooth easy operation
  • Cost effective protection against theft
  • Excellent visibility
  • Large options of tight patterns, sizes and strengths

If you need to install commercial gates in front of your store, contact us and we’ll help you design and install the perfect gate for your business needs.

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