Bi-Folding Doors cover the gamut in application: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Marine, as well as being a favorite of the Aviation industry.

Bi-Folding Doors from Texas Overhead Door

More headroom and long-life are the hallmarks of the bi-fold doors we provide. These super-wide doors can open and close by high strength steel cables, with the latest designs offering extra strong straps to help distribute the weight evenly. Commercial bi-folding doors also exert less stress on your existing building than hydraulic doors, all while maintaining smooth,quiet, and fast operation.

Bi-Folding Door Applications

Consider the following possibilities for a bi-fold:

  • Bi-Folding DoorImpressive residential garage door,
  • Greenhouse,
  • Outdoor entertainment venue,
  • Fully-glassed restaurant doors,
  • The possibilities are endless!

Day after day, the bi-fold doors we provide and install for our clients prove to be the highest in quality, with dependably smooth operation and exceptional longevity.

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