Storm & Security Shutter Installation

Living in North Texas is a dream, yet it can quickly become a nightmare in certain circumstances. The rapid onset of storms that bring hurricane-force winds are weather concerns that may be in the back of the minds of local residents. In addition, the protection of valuables within a home or facility from either inclement weather or potential crime is something that should never be taken for granted.

Solid Protection

The shutters offered by Texas Overhead Door bring with them the type of strength and coverage to enhance such protection. For good measure, they provide the type of aesthetic value that gives the home some great curb appeal, with seven different color options to choose from.

They certainly afford an alternative to having something like metal bars installed. While such an option will certainly afford a home plenty of protection, they’re visually unappealing and can give an impression of a home simply being an armed fortress.

Having the shutters installed will also help keep out the beating sun on those brutally hot summer days. Yet one of the true selling points for these shutters is the fact that those safely inside will be protected from the potential of flying glass in the midst of a storm.

From the perspective of potential criminal activity, this sort of coverage helps avoid the prospect of prowlers peering inside. That ultimate value often comes through when no one happens to be home but it’s something that can help avoid a scenario in which a home invasion could take place because of a vulnerable resident.

Professional Installation is Always Best

Some individuals are under the impression that because they can put up standard shutters with ease, installation of a storm and security shutters should be just as simple. That might end up being a costly and potentially dangerous assumption to make, especially considering that one mistake along the way might end any warranty protection. More importantly, there’s no guarantee that it will work when it’s most needed.

That isn’t what happens when an installation is handled by the professionals at Texas Overhead Door. They’ve been rigorously trained to promptly handle these types of jobs in a professional manner.

That means having the proper equipment by their side so that the installation can be completed in the quickest possible fashion. That doesn’t mean that they rush through such jobs. It simply refers to that experience helping make such work second nature and creating an awareness of any issues that could surface along the way.

Options Abound

Once these shutters are installed, the resident has the option of raising or lowering them by three different methods. The first is manually, which will be done by finger pull operation, while the second is the EZ Drive battery-driven remote. This rechargeable unit can last 40 up and down movements, with the battery itself set to last for four years.

Finally, the motorized version is specifically designed to handle multiple windows and doors. One flip of the switch will get things moving. This, like the other two options, all possess the best end retention in the industry.

Saving Money is Always Good

Having these shutters in place can pay off in the form of reduced home insurance costs, which makes this type of purchase a wise investment. After all, that money saved every year that the shutters are working can add up to a hefty sum along the way.

Residents have the option of having the shutters installed either inside or outside. When you choose the inside option, you’ll be able to meet your Homeowner Association (HOA) requirements.

Experience and Trust are a Great Combination

Texas Overhead Door has been a fixture in the North Texas market since first opening up for business in 1986. Customers that need an installation have the confidence in knowing that Texas Overhead has a 100 percent Customer Service Guarantee. In addition, we can offer customer testimonials or cite our A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today.

Texas Overhead Door not only provides high quality storm and security shutter installation for businesses and residents alike, but we also specialize in Storm & Security Shutter Repair, and Storm & Security Shutter Replacement services.

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