Companies that are in the business of keeping things cold can’t afford to have their refrigerated product be ruined. The potential damage could be food, medicine or some other delicate item that needs to be preserved, which means that finding a quality commercial refrigerator door is absolutely vital to staying in that business.

Different Doors with Different Requirements

The number of different doors available makes choosing the right one an important decision for any company. Restaurants and fast food entities often need plenty of product on hand to handle the daily influx of customers. Preserving the food that will eventually be prepared requires having an available cooler door that an establishment can trust to be installed properly.

Using the walk-in cooler doors as an example, they really aren’t much good if they happen to be substandard or the installation was botched. By the same token, convenience stores and supermarkets also need to keep their cold items viable, yet they need them to be visible to the general public. That’s why refrigerated display doors are the best option in such cases.

Texas Overhead Door has over three decades worth of experience handling virtually every type of commercial and residential door imaginable. That versatility within this competitive industry has expanded over the years, with the company’s continued growth a clear sign that we know exactly what we’re doing.

Quality Customer Service

There are some companies that need to have doors large enough to fit lifting vehicles that will bring out a product. Accounting for the different variety of sizes that encompass commercial refrigerator doors is just one of the ways that Texas Overhead makes sure to provide top-notch customer service.

One of the unique aspects of walk-in cooler doors is that they can sometimes be located either just outside a company’s operations or situated on the roof. The actual locale isn’t important to the professional technicians at Texas Overhead, since they’re well aware that space considerations may preclude fitting this type of structure inside the actual building.

Texas Overhead follows federal standards on all aspects related to refrigerated display doors. That means knowing what’s involved when installing either double-pane or triple pane glass. This helps the company having a job performed from getting a rude awakening down the road from inspectors.

In every case, even for those that don’t involve a food item, keeping a lid on energy costs is important. Just having commercial refrigerator doors in place doesn’t offer any value if they’re not properly insulated to keep heat out and cold inside. The only thing that results is added monthly expenses that are preventable when Texas Overhead handles the job.

The Experienced Voice

At Texas Overhead, we pride ourselves at looking at any installation through the eyes of the client. We want to make sure that what’s been communicated to us is what that client ends up realizing when the job has been completed.

That means making sure to be prepared to install any one of a number of different walk-in cooler doors. When it comes to refrigerated display doors, aesthetics are something that’s always taken into consideration, given the public visibility.

In short, when the time comes to have commercial refrigerator doors installed, we want to be everyone’s first choice. We’re ready to help, so make sure to contact us today.

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