The smooth up and down movement of a garage door is possible because of the tracks that are located on each side.

Like every piece of equipment, an extended period of use will inevitably require garage track repair in order to fix flaws that develop.

In some instances, outright garage track replacement is necessary due to the simple fact that the device is worn out.

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The Need for Professional Service

Both of these circumstances involve complicated fixes that can be dangerous for someone who considers themselves to be an amateur handyman.

That’s why the best course of action for any garage door repair is to let a company with experience handle the task, which is an apt description for Texas Overhead Door.

Our staff has been rigorously trained to handle such repairs and knows how to make sure that the installation of any garage door track replacement is done in a professional manner.

Ignoring the problem isn’t an option, simply because a door can become stuck and might only open or close a portion of the way. In the worse-case scenario, the door might actually come loose from the track, which could set the stage for tragedy.

Potential Causes for the Problem

The reasons for garage door track repair don’t follow any consistent pattern, with the cause potentially related to tracks that have been bent after being accidentally hit by a car. That can also cause dents that create issues when opening and closing, while some situations that pinpoint the need for garage track repair related to crimping or misalignment of a track.

A professional technician from Texas Overhead will be able to assess the status of the track in question. While repair is often possible, the damage involved or the simple aging process can make the decision of garage door track replacement an obvious one.

Precision is one of the prerequisites of a professional garage track replacement, because that rack has been in sync with the door or further damage can end up resulting in the door itself being replaced as well.

That’s an expensive proposition for something that our staff can handle in a relatively short amount of time. The most reassuring aspect of the repairs or replacements that we provide is that we make sure everything is working well before we leave.

Your Best Option

Simple economics should make the decision simple, even if garage track replacement is the diagnosis. That’s because that expense is infinitely cheaper than having to replace that door, with the garage door track repair even costing less than that track replacement.

So when you discover that garage track repair is in order or a garage door track replacement is inevitable, get in touch with us at Texas Overhead Door.

We’ve handled these types of jobs for more than three decades and can offer our skilled services at a competitive price. Don’t make the mistake of holding off on such repairs or your wallet could end up feeling plenty of pain. Contact us today.

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