Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace Your Garage Door Weatherstrip

garage door weatherstripAnyone who looks at a garage door generally isn’t inclined to pay attention to the garage door weatherstrip. That’s because it’s located at the bottom of the door and is often considered to be just something to grab if you have to open or close a door. However, its value goes far beyond such pedestrian concerns.

Due to the handling that’s involved with the weatherstrip as well as the rigorous weather conditions is endures over the course of its useful lifespan, the wear and tear can take a toll. That means that a garage weatherstrip replacement is in the offing and is something that needs to be done right.

Amateur Repairs Can Be Risky

Plenty of DIY types feel that they can quickly handle this particular job and save some money in the process. Some of them can accomplish such a feat, yet it’s generally more common to find someone who either tried to rush the job or simply missed one step along the way, which is something that defeats the purpose of having this in place.

One of the common errors when it comes to amateur garage weatherstrip replacement is that the strip was cut too short for the length of the door. Since waterproofing your garage is one of the key assets in having the garage door weatherstrip, any heavy rains over even the infrequent occurrence of melting snow can end up finding its way into the garage.

At the very least, such a gap can also allow dust, debris and falling leaves to find their way into the garage. That can end up getting things dirty or simply make a mess that has to be cleaned up at some point. All of this because the weatherstrip replacement that was done was of substandard quality.

The Problem With Water

Besides the annoyance of added cleanup or the possibility of bugs or small animals having enough space to find their way into a garage, the problems that result from an aging or worn out weatherstrip can end up causing much more severe damage. That’s because the water that finds its way into the garage can start attacking the lower panels of the garage door, the brackets or the cables. Not waterproofing your garage with a new strip can turn this issue into a corrosive danger that could eventually put lives at risk.

The Obvious Signs of Aging

Realizing that it’s time for a replacement in this area is something that can be detected from a quick look at the weatherstrip itself. The aging process will inevitably make the strip pay the price of frequent temperature changes that involve torrid heat during the summer and occasional frost during the winter months.

There’s not much the average homeowner can do to stop such events from taking place, yet taking steps to replace the weatherstrip will be an easy way to save plenty of money and a good share of potential problems.

Going With the Pros

The easiest way to address this problem with a minimum of hassle is to contact the trained professionals at Texas Overhead Door. They have extensive experience with garage weatherstrip replacement, which means that waterproofing your garage can be done quickly and without any concerns about whether it was done right.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and can handle all areas related to garage doors. So when you need to replace your garage door weatherstrip or handle any other important garage-related task, just give us a call.

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