Commercial Sectional Door Repair

Members of the business community and those in public service get a great deal of value when it comes to using commercial sectional doors. That’s because the frequent use they get over time make them worth the original investment that’s made.

Repairs are Inevitable

However, the daily wear-and-tear that these entities put the doors through eventually requires some fixing up. In addition, unforeseen accidents can lead to situations in which commercial sectional door repair is needed.

Protection is Required

In either case, quick work is necessary. That’s because places like warehouses, storage units or distributions centers have to protect their merchandise from the elements. Getting a respite from the torrid summer climate is one asset that commercial sectional doors offer. They also help avoid the sometimes dangerous effects of high winds that can inflict plenty of damage upon areas of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Of course, that merely scratches the surface of potential disasters. For example, there’s also car dealers that might be vulnerable to seeing an entire fleet of expensive autos damaged or ruined due to a sectional door in need of repair.

Throw in vital services like hospitals and police, fire or service stations that can have necessary equipment damaged and it quickly becomes evident why having a trusted business handling this issue is important.

Other Important Reasons for Repair

Damage and wear might not end up being the reason for the door not working. Lack of maintenance might be affecting the springs and rollers, a lack of insulation might be a costly flaw that needs to be addressed or a remote control issue might pop up.

Leaving the Work to the Pros

Some of these issues might seem like easy fixes for those who handle odd jobs at home. However, there’s a reason that Texas Overhead Door hires only experienced personnel to handle these jobs. The potential for severe injury and sometimes even death are rookie mistakes that the veterans from Texas Overhead don’t make.

Prepared and Ready to Work

Since first opening up in 1986, Texas Overhead Door has made customer service the cornerstone of their business philosophy. That’s why each employee;s training makes sure that s job is handled in a professional manner, which enhances our record when it comes to these repairs.

That customer service makes sure that every quoted price for repair work is what the customer sees in the final bill. Padding it with unnecessary repairs is the work of unethical businesses, which is why Texas Overhead Door receives high grades from the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today to have your door fixed.


Texas Overhead Door offers a full line of commercial sectional door services, including sectional door installation, sectional door repair, sectional door replacement, and sectional door maintenance.

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