Accordion Door Installation

Choosing a door for a particular area must take into consideration a number of different factors, including aesthetics, practicality and available space. Those three components are all important when the decision is made to install accordion doors, due to the flexibility that the name itself implies.

Not for the Faint-Hearted

Of course, trying to handle the actual accordion door installation on your own or entrusting it to a handyman is a dicey proposition. That’s because these particular types of installations are more intricate than simply slapping on a metal door and tightening the screws.

The width of the door has to be measured from virtually every angle and the track that will hold the door has to be aligned perfectly. That’s followed by the precise drilling of holes, inserting of screws and other assorted carpentry concerns. That precision is what sets professionals apart from those who like to dabble in DIY projects every now and then.

Mistakes that occur during that drilling not only makes for an unsightly mess but also delays the accordion door installation. For a business, that can result in a major hit to the bottom line or simply make for more security headaches that cause needless stress and strain.

Crafting an Image

Another factor to consider when the decision is made to install accordion doors is what style of door is the most appropriate. Private homes obviously have the freedom to choose whatever they want, but businesses rarely have that luxury. Customers generally prefer more conservative tastes or the business must take the daily flow of business into consideration.

Other factors that are part of this entire equation focus on the needs or purpose of the individual or business having it installed. Privacy could be a major concern, especially when it comes to issues like health care and particularly concerning certain examinations. Meanwhile, noise abatement might be something that needs to be addressed in a subtle fashion.

Enhancing Value

One of the more basic reasons for installing these types of doors is to exploit the value of a large room by separating it into two or more areas. For meetings, this can allow for breakout groups to discuss narrower topics, while the number of classrooms for a school can be expanded.

In the latter case, the lower cost of having an accordion door installed, instead of building a wall, can help channel money toward additional educational pursuits. Most school budgets are usually stretched to the limit and concepts such as this are ways to attack the problem in a clear way.

Upholding Lofty Standards

Accordion door installation is just one of many skills that the professionals at Texas Overhead Door offers its customers. Having performed such tasks on countless occasions since the company first opened its doors in 1986, their ability to handle a job is both consistent and prompt.

Living up to the rigorous standards established by the International Door Association means that no shortcuts are taken. The work is also insured to protect the customer and bolstered by a stellar reputation that’s recognized by the Better Business Bureau.

Choosing to install accordion doors can be important to a business or an individual. One way of avoiding the hassle that comes with trying to do it yourself is to make a call to Texas Overhead Door. Contact us today to get things started.

Texas Overhead Door proudly offers a full line of commercial accordion door services, including accordion door replacement, accordion door maintenance, accordion door installation, and accordion repair.

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