Accordion Door Maintenance

The prospect of maintaining accordion doors isn’t quite as strenuous as it is with other types in this sector. However, simply neglecting to take accordion maintenance into consideration can end up leading to trouble. That can mean repairs are needed, which can be an exercise in frustration due to the simple fact that it renders the door inoperable.

One of the basic reasons that people choose to have accordion doors installed is because of the aesthetic value that comes from having access to a professionally crafted offering which stands out. The problem for some homeowners or businesses is that when accordion door maintenance is ignored, that absence of attention tends to draw negative attention to that area.

Potential Problems and Breakdowns

Depending on where an accordion door is located, the surrounding elements can have a detrimental effect on maintaining accordion doors. The typical collection of dust, dirt and other particles that require occasional cleaning may also be joined by things like the heat from a kitchen, bathroom or from daily interaction with the sun. The constant intake of such heat can potentially damage a door unless concepts like accordion door maintenance are addressed.

Generally, one of the most common areas when it comes to this specific type of maintenance is keeping the tracks for this door in good working condition. The springs used to move the door will eventually wear out but their use can be extended through constant attention, which means things like properly oiling them on a regular basis.

For those with automatic accordion doors, the possible concerns increase. The motor used to operate the door should get a regular check, though it’s doubtful that the average person has the know-how to properly maintain it. That’s the province of professionals in the field and is better left to them. Otherwise, attempts might end up making things worse or damaging the equipment, which may compromise the machine’s warranty.

In some instances, the doors may need to be trimmed due to changes in the surrounding area. Getting the most out of these doors means making sure that they’re working in precise fashion. Attempting to trim these doors on your own runs the risk of ruining that aesthetic value.

Time is of the Essence

One of the biggest reasons that such maintenance doesn’t take place for businesses is simply the fact that day-to-day operations will always take precedence over such duties. For a homeowner, their own daily schedule can make such a prospect difficult or they may simply want to maintain their quality of life rather than get bogged down in these details.

Attention to Detail

Texas Overhead Door understands those issues, which is why they’re fully equipped to undertake any accordion door maintenance for their customers. Their experienced staff knows what to look for during scheduled visits and can pinpoint potential red flags while keeping these doors moving.

Since 1986, maintaining accordion doors has been one of the many options open to our customers. The work performed has obviously been up to customer standards, given that the business is still thriving.

As proud members of the International Door Association, Texas Overhead Door has its own standards to live up to every day. That means offering top-notch customer service through prompt attention. So if dealing with this issue or any other similar concern is something you need, contact us and take advantage of our collective skills.

Texas Overhead Door proudly offers a full line of commercial accordion door services, including accordion door replacement, accordion door maintenance, accordion door installation, and accordion repair.

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