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white Double garage door by Texas Overhead DoorsDo you ever find that your garage door is ‘squealing’ and cracking or you almost are unable to unlock it because it is so used? Or that you are just simply tired of your constantly slipping door? In any of these events or others it is the best time to change your old entrance keeper with a new steel garage doors that can be served and attended in a more simple way.

The new steel garage door not only enhances the safety of your garage and safety of the vehicles that are kept inside it, but also considerably enhances the overall exterior of the garage, ultimately adding the exterior aesthetics of your home. 


New steel garage doors in Dallas/FT Worth are far more unfailing and resilient than most other types of material. Steel garage doors are also not exposed to deformation, flaking, clacking or breaking-up due to unfavorable climate and weather as these doors are crafted from solid galvanized steel. In addition, there isn’t the need to renovate them as frequently due to their durability. Also, thanks to galvanization technology, new steel doors do not corrode. 

Steel garage doors were the standard choice on a lot of homes that were constructed during the 50s and 60’s and then through the 80s, however as the cost of steel started to increase; housing designers, builders and manufacturers started experimenting with other materials for garages such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass composite. Steel however,  proved to be the most reliable option for a sturdy garage door that could withstand all weather conditions including rain, wind and snow.

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Most new steel garage doors boast an aluminum bottom weather-seal retainer system to assist in keeping weather elements such as rain and snow out of the garage. When looking at steel garage doors, ensure that the garage door has a weather-seal and that it is made with a rust-resistant aluminum.


New steel garage doors in Dallas/Fort Worth can also come with galvanized steel hinges that are intended to be durable and reliable, so that your vehicle won’t be stuck in the garage, but rather just safe and secure. This in mind, another important part of the garage door operation are the rollers- they should be quiet and durable. 


New steel garage doors come in an assortment of shapes and styles and are not simply regulated to the traditional ‘blocks’ or squares of older doors. Some are fitted with window shapes whilst some have large half octagon and half standard square patterns or diamonds resting on their side while other steel garage doors have what could only be described as a barn-door look about them only they lift up from the bottom.


Furthermore, new steel garage doors can be custom painted to match any color home and don’t  have to always be the usual standard white. The colors of your steel garage door can contrast and compliment your home.  For instance, colors like a light-blue for a dark-blue house or black for a white house with black trim and shutters.


Over and above durability, strength and novelty, new steel garage doors in Dallas/Ft.Worth also help to make the house look more ‘complete’, and add that always sought-after ‘curb appeal’ to your home. 

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