5 Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

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problem with garage doorThe convenience of being able to press a button and watch a garage door magically open can be undercut when issues develop that prevent such magic from taking place. A problem with garage door openers is something that many homeowners can face, though it isn’t necessarily a major problem. However, it could be a sign that some garage door repair is needed.

Listed below are five common problems when it comes to garage door openers:

Battery Problems

Residential garage doors get a good deal of work over the course of the year, which can mean that all of that work can sap the power of the battery used in the remote. That can mean that no signal will be sent to the door, which consequently means that it won’t move.

Having new batteries on hand is always nice, but if they aren’t available, picking up one from Texas Overhead Door should be your next step. This issue may seem like an obvious one to many, but it’s something that always seems to be forgotten until the problem develops.

Antenna Issues

Remotes pointed at residential garage doors will literally do the heavy lifting for a homeowner. When they don’t, the problem could be related to the obstruction of the antenna that receives the signal. That obstruction could be inadvertent or may be more serious in nature. On some occasions, the distance could simply be the problem.

In some cases, there may be damage to the antenna. In this instance, trying the fix the problem on your own isn’t really an option, considering the intricacies with this area of garage door repair. That means contacting a professional technician to handle the job.

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Electrical Disruptions

A problem with garage door openers can be directly related to the electricity source within the garage or adjoining home. While the simple answer might be that the unit became unplugged, it’s more likely that the disruption could be more serious in nature.

Checking the fuse, GFCI or circuit breaker to determine the source of the problem could bring about the answer. However, taking steps to handle such fixes on your own can be fraught with danger, which is why this is also a good reason to let the professionals handle this job.

Safety Sensor Complications

The opener will work fine when the LED lights on the sensors inside the garage are lit up. If they aren’t, it could be connected to something obstructing one on each side of the door, which can be an easy fix. Simply wiping the sensors can sometime alleviate the problem or realigning them if one of them’s been inadvertently bumped.

However, if that light is flickering or not working at all, a service call is likely the only alternative. The issue could be related to loose wires that could be showing signs of rust from lack of regular maintenance.

Close Limit Concerns

In some cases, a door will either stop before closing completely or immediately start opening after it touches the ground. Either that or the door provides the intended benefit but the motor for the opener keeps running.

Each situation usually relates to issues with the close limit switch, which may very well need to be adjusted. Occasionally, moving the switch away from the opener’s motor can do the trick. If the door starts reversing before it touches the ground, the close force might need the adjusting.

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Pros With Experience in Residential Garage Doors

Texas Overhead Door has been around for the past three decades and can answer virtually any problem with garage door openers you might have. Such issues can be annoying or be of a more serious nature. So for this or any other garage door repair issue you might have, make sure to contact us today.

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