5 Pros & Cons of Automatic Garage Door Openers

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automatic garage door openersWhen technology and the garage door found a way to merge, the automatic garage door opener was one of the byproducts of that convergence. There’s plenty to like with this device, though it’s important to remember some of the drawbacks as well so that any decision to buy garage door openers doesn’t bring with it buyer’s remorse.

Listed below are five pros and cons each, with the pros listed first:


Pulling into a driveway and having to get out of a car to open up the garage door can be tedious. It can also get messy if it has to be done during the course of inclement weather. A simple garage door opener installation solves that problem and will include built-in lighting.


Having to lift a heavy door can be tiring, especially for an older person, and can possibly result in things like a strained back. An opener solves those problems with the simple press of a button.


Since a garage door opener installation will include the opportunity to input unique security codes that are only known to you, this can prevent criminals from simply opening up your door and stealing items.


Homeowners may put off the decision to buy garage door openers because they think the cost won’t be worth the value it provides. Like any technology, the price has dropped considerably since it was first offered, offering the type of value sought.

Low Energy Costs

Another expense that makes some people think twice about this type of purchase is the additional energy that will be required each time it’s put into use. In truth, that cost isn’t that much, with technological advancements responsible for such price drops.

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Here’s a look at the cons of automatic garage door openers:

Installation Costs

Setting up a garage door opener can be a complicated endeavor, involving wires and other electrically-based concerns. That inevitably means using a professional company to handle to job and can often make people think twice about paying for such costs.

Replacing Batteries

In order for an opener to consistently work, special batteries are required and need to be in working order. The shelf life for most batteries is two years, with many people not always prepared when that replacement takes place. That can render the opener useless.

Electrical Outages

Since the opener needs electricity to do its job, any abrupt power concerns can lead to having a car being stuck inside or outside a garage for the duration of the outage. In addition, running out of battery power can also cause this problem to surface.

Possible Repairs

Like any piece of technology or equipment, the possibility of needing garage door opener repair scares off some people. After all, repairs aren’t needed to your arms when you manually open and close a door.

Added Maintenance Costs

Keeping this type of technology humming is something that involves having regular maintenance checks conducted on it. Even though such checkups will likely spot a potential problem beforehand and avoid garage door opener repair, this can scare potential buyers off.

The Best Option

If you happen to be considering a garage door opener installation, you might be wondering what might be the best place in North Texas to buy garage door openers. The name to remember is Texas Overhead Door, which has been in operation for the past three decades.

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We handle any installation and garage door opener repair and make sure that the job is performed by highly-trained technicians. That offers the peace of mind that enhances the value of the investment and those technicians can also perform regular maintenance concerns. Make sure to contact us so that we can make your life just a little bit easier.

5 Responses to “5 Pros & Cons of Automatic Garage Door Openers”

  1. I love how you talk about how manually lifting a heavy door can be hazardous, especially for older folk. My parents have an old manual garage door that they think they should replace. We’ve been looking into getting them an automatic door and finding some professionals who can help install it.

  2. Elite Gates says:

    The post you shared here is very informative. Thanks for sharing such a great post with us.

  3. Mia Evans says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that automatic doors will need more maintenance checks conducted. I will keep that in mind to ensure that the automatic doors will last for a long time. I just need one in my garage because I usually get home late, so I don’t want to wake up anyone to just open the door for me.

  4. I like the idea of putting in a security code system on my garage door so no one can break-in. My biggest fear is that automatic doors will mess up and open for anyone. This kind of helps ease that fear and make more sense of getting one installed.

  5. It caught my attention when you explained that an automatic garage door allows for increased convenience when the weather turns bad. My husband and I just purchased a fixer-upper home that needs repair to the garage door opener before we can start using it again. Thanks for helping me see why it’d be worth the cost to pursue having the door automated!

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