How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Opener

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broken garage door openerThe ease and comfort that comes with having a garage door opener are feelings that can change abruptly when this handy deviceis no longer working. There are a number of different reasons for what seems like a broken garage door opener. These can include such things as broken cables or springs, the alignment of the track needs to be fixed or an issue exists with the opener’s transmitters.

Simplicity Personified

No matter what the problem, some garage door opener repair will be on the agenda before things return to normal. Some of the simplest fixes involve a simple check of the necessary components of this device.

These include batteries that no longer work or have become inconsistent, concerns that can be changed with the insertion of new batteries. Also, checking the battery case contacts can offer a quick determination as to whether they need to be cleaned, are worn out or are wet or discolored.

The inadvertent unplugging of the unit is actually one of the most common reasons for a non-working opener, while there are occasionally instances in which someone has pressed the lock button that’s available on some of these products.

Other quick fixes could involve wiping the sensor eyes on the opener or briefly unplugging the unit for a short period of time before plugging it back in. That unplugging may allow the entire system to reset.

Trickier Aspects

In some cases, the odd circumstance of having a garage door open on its own occurs. That could be the result of a wiring issue that’s causing it to short out. The insulated wires may also be compromised in some fashion, which means that it might be time for a new opener from a local dealer.

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Some people have a sense of loyalty when it comes to their opener, though that could also lead to safety concerns. The reason is that any garage door opener manufactured before 1993 doesn’t have the necessary features that have been mandated since that time.

The above examples of easy garage door opener repair are in contrast to the problems caused by a broken garage door opener. When the above examples turn out not be viable options, it makes a great deal of sense to contact people that have experience dealing with such situations on a daily basis.

Potential Dangers

The main reason relates to the dangers in fixing certain aspects related to the opener. For example, those aforementioned cables and springs are tightly wound and can snap back quickly to strike an unsuspecting do-it-yourselfer. Deaths have even taken place because a garage door literally falls on top of an unfortunate individual, crushing them.

An Easy Option

It’s much easier to have your broken garage door opener fixed by experts in the field, which describes Texas Overhead Door. Our collective know-how when it comes to garage door opener repair will help make your life easier. Make sure to contact us today.

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