When Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage-Door-Opener-ReplacementWhile there are some homeowners in the Fort Worth area that feel they can get by without considering the idea of a garage door opener installation, those having them in place certainly recognize their value. That usually arrives when things like inclement weather strikes, an exhausting day at work has ended or the end of a long trip is part of the picture.

Whatever scenario best describes a customer’s situation, the decision to replace garage door opener parts or the device itself usually comes after something uncharacteristic is detected in normal operation. Listed below are some clear signs that a garage door opener replacement should be in your immediate future:

Lack of Movement

While it sounds simplistic, pressing the button on your opener and having nothing happen is an obvious sign of trouble. It’s possible that the issue might simply be a dead battery or a connection was disrupted in some fashion. More serious concerns may indicate that a garage door opener replacement is necessary.

The Noise Factor

After any garage door installation Fort Worth residents have done, the opening and closing should be the equivalent of a quiet symphony that disturbs nobody, especially your neighbors. So when the level of noise coming from the opener reaches the point that everyone knows when you’re leaving from or arriving home, a new garage door opener installation should be on your agenda.

Losing Control

Anyone holding a remote should be in control of the door opening or closing. However, there are some occasions in which your garage door will move up or down independently. That’s an odd situation that may also result in the opener light remaining on or having it continually beep. Wiring issues can be the cause, which could eventually lead to a decision to replace garage door opener parts or the device in question.

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Broken or Damaged Parts

Once a garage door installation Fort Worth homeowners have done has been completed, the parts and all other aspects involved should run with no trouble. As time goes on, simple wear-and-tear or damage in some fashion may lead the opener to malfunction. Trying to fix these on your own isn’t recommended because of the inherent dangers involved.

Still Using an Older Model

Garage door openers can last a long time. The problem is that in some cases, the age of an opener may result in not having parts available to fix them if something goes wrong. In some cases, using one made before 1993 might mean you have one that doesn’t include the now-standard feature of safety eyes. That’s something that could lead to tragedy and should make a new garage door opener installation a strong consideration.

A Need for More Convenience

When you replace garage door opener devices or parts, you get the most current aspects of this item. In the 21st Century, that means having remote access to use the opener. That can come in handy when you realize you’ve forgotten to close the door or you want to monitor things from elsewhere.

Always the Right Decision

Texas Overhead Door is a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1986 and has extensive experience when it comes to garage door opener replacement. In addition, we’ve been a trusted choice when it comes to quality garage door installation Fort Worth residents expect. So when your opener needs to be replaced or any sort of residential or commercial installation is being sought, give us a call at 800-715-8781. We’re also happy to offer 24/7 emergency service. Contact us today.

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  1. Lately, I noticed that there’s a lack of movement with my garage door whenever I use my opener. Thanks for mentioning the noise factor also needs to be assessed. I think there are damaged and broken parts to the opener so I’ll consider getting new ones from a good contractor.

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