2019 Storm Safe Home – Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage – Ft Worth TX

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Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

If you live in many regions of Texas, your home could be affected by a hurricane this season, and it’s important to stay tuned for updates on the 2019 hurricane forecast. Storms have been affecting areas that are further inland than usual, and hurricanes may be growing stronger. Here’s how you can protect your home from hurricane damage:


Wind Damage Can Be Severe


Hurricanes pack winds of 74 or more miles per hour, and winds of this magnitude can quickly cause severe damage. In order to protect your home, you need to make sure that your windows are secured and protected from flying debris, and windows are likely to break if the wind speed exceeds 120 miles per hour.

Another vulnerable area of your home is the roof, and a window or door being compromised by wind will make your roof much more vulnerable. Furthermore, it is important to note that roof damage typically occurs before the garage door has been compromised.

The garage is also an area of concern, especially in hurricanes with winds in excess of 120 miles per hour. If your garage door opens in the middle it is especially vulnerable. If your garage door could be compromised, it is essential to take steps to prepare your home this season by installing a garage door with inter-lockable features.

Flooding Is A Serious Concern

There are many reasons why flooding can occur during a storm, and it can occur even if you are located far from the coastline. In fact, inland flooding is often considered to be the most common cause of damage in a storm, and your home could be vulnerable if it is located near any sort of body of water or is in a low-lying area. If your home may be vulnerable to flooding, it’s important to ensure that you have an effective sump pump, install check valves on septic or sewer lines, anchor your fuel tanks, and close cracks in the foundation in your 2019 storm safe home.

Get In Touch With Us For A Residential Evaluation!

We can do an evaluation to determine what you need to do to make sure you’re ready to weather a storm, and we’ll stay up to date on the 2019 hurricane forecast. We can also perform any necessary changes to your doors that you’ll need to ensure that your 2019 storm safe home stays protected!

Contact Us Anytime You’re Installing A New Door

It’s best to have your doors installed by a professional, and this will help to ensure that they are as well-protected from hurricane damage as possible. The improved safety features of garage doors and other doors will be most effective if they’re professionally installed. Questions, Contact us

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