Garage Door DIY Installation Dangers & Hazards – Ft. Worth TX

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Garage door installation dyi hazards

Is it dangerous to install your own garage door parts? The team here at Texas Overhead Door want to make sure you know the risks associated with garage door installation.

New Garage Door Installation

When it comes to self-installing garage doors, it can be more complicated and dangerous than it is worth. A new garage door installation requires special tools to install it properly. Garage doors have many related parts that have to be compatible with one another. Something as small as a hinge being out of place can cause the entire door to not function properly, which in return will cost you more money for repairs.

Hazards of Garage Door Springs

Installing a new garage door by yourself could end up with someone getting seriously injured in the process. For example, attempting a DIY garage door torsion spring replacement is very dangerous. A broken spring could cause an injury to your face, eye, arms, and more – and it could even cause the garage door to fall down.

A garage door weighs several hundred pounds, so if it falls on someone, it’s likely that person could be seriously hurt. A collapsed garage door could also damage surrounding property or the garage door system itself.

Call Us Today For Garage Door Installation

Our techs at Texas Overhead Door are professionally trained in new garage door installation which ensures safety, knowledge of all the components and a durable door that is installed properly. Our techs conduct multiple tests after the installation is completed to make sure the door is working properly.

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We can service and install all brands of garage doors, openers, and remote controls. If you need a new door garage door installation, call the team at Texas Overhead Door. We can do the work and you can avoid the hassle and danger.

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