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2021 is coming to a close very rapidly. If you’ve already started to think about your resolutions, let us give you one more thing to consider. A new garage door for 2022! 


Having home maintenance and upgrade resolutions on your list makes good sense. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A new and stronger garage door is an excellent way to upgrade the look and feel of your home— Why not ring in the new year by making your neighbors stop and do a double-take?

So if you haven’t kept up with your garage door maintenance, or you have saved up to start over and buy a new one, consider taking action this New Year. 

This post looks at figuring out whether it’s time for a new garage door and the crucial factors to consider when buying one. 

Is it time for a new door?

Do a routine check

Take some time to check whether your door is working optimally. A couple of things you can check yourself include:

  • The safety reversal
  • The garage door opener
  • All the hardware
  • The balance of the door
  • The lubrication of all moving parts


If you are worried that any of these elements are looking run down and not functioning optimally or think some serious maintenance will do the trick, it may be time to call in the experts. Texas Overhead Door will give your doors a tune-up or offer you a quote on a garage door replacement.


A simple refresh

If you think your garage doors are doing just fine but could do with a more modern look or update, set a day aside in the New Year to get your DIY on. Clean the door, repair any cracks, and choose a paint color that will pop and make your neighbors stop and admire. 


Replacing the garage doors

Okay, so your routine check found that it’s time for an upgrade. Having a properly functioning garage door is vital for safety. If you’ve saved up and are ready for the big purchase, let’s look at a few factors to consider.


Factors to consider when choosing a new garage door


A good thing to know upfront is that garage doors aren’t necessarily expensive. Prices start at $600 for a single-car garage door with a simple opener and a standard two-car garage door with an opener will cost about $1500-$2000. And then the pricing goes up from there, depending on your requirements. You can choose between extras like insulation levels, decorative elements, horsepower, automatic openers, material, etc. 

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If you want to get a realistic quote for a new door, make sure you measure your garage’s opening. Knowing the exact size of the garage door will also help you determine the style and material that will best suit your garage. 



What kind of door will best fit your garage and your needs? You’ll want something that will last and looks appealing. You’ll have a choice between steel, aluminum, wood and composite wood. Once you choose the material you want, you can order a ready-made door or have one configured to your particular size. 


Steel – A remarkable feat of steel garage doors is that they come in a wide range of colors. These doors can also be embossed with wood grain patterns, they are very durable and won’t warp or crack. You won’t have to worry about rust either, and they don’t need constant repainting as they come with a primer baked on. However, they can dent and are a chore to repair if this does happen. 

Aluminum – Aluminum is another good choice for a modern-looking door. Aluminum garage doors can be paired with frosted or clear glass or acrylic panels, and they are resistant to rust. Unfortunately, because aluminum is lightweight, they are even more responsive to dents than steel.  

Wood – For a unique and smart look, wood is a trendy choice. Wood garage doors can be easily painted or stained, are less susceptible to damage and are easily repaired. These doors are very durable. However, the price tag is higher, and so are the maintenance demands. Wood doors are good for a handy DIY homeowner. 

Composite wood – Talk about durable and low-maintenance. Composite wood doors often have a steel interior. This means they come with all the sturdy benefits of steel and the aesthetic look of wood—the best of both worlds. 



This is always a good idea. Especially if your garage is attached to your house, and you live in a part of the country where the weather can reach extreme temperatures. Insulation will keep your home’s energy at an optimal level, with no unnecessary wastage. It can also help decrease noise, provide better security and improve the durability of your doors. 

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You can opt for single (no insulation), double (polystyrene insulation), and even triple (polystyrene or polyurethane insulation) layers of insulation.



Depending on your chosen materials, you can add extra characteristics to your doors, such as windows, hardware and paneling. This can elevate the look and elegance of your garage door. 




These can get quite technical, as you can choose openers operated by either a chain, screw, or belt drive. And, there is also a choice of the horsepower of the motor. A higher horsepower will handle more weight, be more durable and offer less strain on the motor when in use. 

If you want to get fancy, you can opt for: 

  • vacation settings that allow you to disable the opener when out of town
  • battery backup for when there is a power outage
  • wireless keypads so you can open the doors without a remote
  • ‘smart home’ capabilities, a relatively new feature that can integrate with your other ‘smart home’ devices


With all this information at hand, you can easily level up your garage door for 2022. Start your year off on a good foot and update your garage doors. You’ll add to the aesthetics of your house, increase your safety and your home’s value all in one go. 



How we can help

Are you looking for advice on finding the perfect new garage door Texas has to offer? At Texas Overhead Door, we offer a range of residential doors, commercial doors and security doors and service all brands of garage doors, openers, and remote controls. We aim to provide same-day service, offer free estimates and have a 24-hour emergency service. 


For a new garage door, Texas Overhead Door has two locations in Texas – Burleson, and Magnolia – Both are fully accredited with the A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. Need a new garage door in Texas? Our trained technicians won’t let you down when you decide to replace your old garage door with a brand new one best suited to your tastes.

If you need more information about our products and services or have any questions, call us at 800-715-8781 or go to our website.

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