Hand-Crafted Custom Garage Doors

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Light green garage door

Greg Fletcher creates beautiful hand-crafted Custom garage doors!  (Wood or Iron Doors) Call us at 817-295-0216 and we will set up an appointment for you with Greg. He sat and watched his Dad install openers and garage doors when a boy. Now after many years of installations, service calls and managing the residential department Greg has developed a beautiful style with the utmost in craftsmanship. He travels all over the state of Texas… I can’t wait for more pictures to come… working on him to get a Facebook page and his own website! What do you think?

Garage Door Repair. Have a Busted Spring?

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Here’s the Garage Door Company to call for your repairs! Has your garage door spring busted because of the cold weather? We can fix it, because we are the “GARAGE DOOR REPAIR SPECIALISTS”.

Fort Worth, Arlington, Cleburne or Burleson we are here to help you. Call Texas Overhead Door at 817-295-0216 today and we can have you fixed up in no time. Or get a quote for a new door at www.txohd.com.

Man-caves in Pinterest

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Man-caves in Pinterest? See some pins from our Pinterest boards at:  TxDoor

Better yet, we would LOVE to see what you have on your Pinterest boards? My personal boards are all girly…but there are man-cave ideas and garage workshop pics all through Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

Do you have a Garage Workshop?

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 Like to piddle around your garage workshop on the weekends? Why not do it in comfort? Save money in your heating & air   conditioning costs with a garage door insulation kit… call us for details 817-295-0216 (Prices vary from $150-$250).

Here are a few Long-term saving ideas too…

  • Weatherstrip and caulk your home and garage workshop
  • Plant trees keeping the direct sun from your garage door, windows and roof
  • Replace old appliances with Energy-efficient appliances
  • Fluorescent lights last 10 to 15 times as long and provide more light than three 60-watt bulbs, plus save you “mucho denero”
  • Turn your TV off and get out into your workshop- it’s better for us all!

Find out how you can save more with insulated, heavy steel garage doors- click here and even more savings from the GREAT state of Texas

How about some color in your Garage Door?

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How about three new colors in Garage Doors?

  • Wicker Tan
  • Dark Brown
  • Terratone

Need some Curb Appeal in the home you’re selling? Get a quote here

Our showroom has brochures of all color combinations… or look here. That’s the way we roll at Texas Overhead Door, just a call away.

End those Expensive Service Calls!

Looking for how to keep your garage door moving up and down smoothly

and stop us from making those expensive house calls to your address?

Keep a can of our specially-formulated Lubricant & Rust Preventative.

Spray all over to penetrate frozen parts, bearings, threads and all metal

surfaces.  One application lasts about a year. Call 817-295-0216 and order a couple of cans.

Find out more at Texas Overhead Door.

APPS, APPS and more APPS

This blog post really has nothing to do with garage doors whatsoever! It’s about apps! What are your favorite apps? I tend to stay away from productivity and business apps on my phone. That’s because I’m more into fun than business on my cell phone. I know many of you do all your business via your cell. Anyhoo.. here’s 15!

  1. PodCasts
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter
  7. Flashlight
  8. ValPak
  9. Yelp
  10. Pandora
  11. YouVersion (Bible)
  12. MyRadar
  13. Houzz
  14. SuperTxt
  15. Pic Collage


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Gosh, my House has gotta SELL!  Have you heard of Houzz? Here’s some Curb Appeal on STEROIDS!! Thousands of idea-books, exteriors, interiors, bedrooms, baths, garages, kitchens… the CATEGORIES NEVER END.  And if that’s not enough you can find locale pros to boot. Oh, yeah did I mention there’s an APP for that. Get on today, find out what’s wrong (or right) with your HOMES Curb Appeal… you might just find a bucket load of fresh ideas and SELL today…. Here’s a few no brainers…

  1. Clean Up the Yard, Remove Toys, Trash, Mow it, Edge it, Remove Weeds
  2. Tidy, Garage and Sidewalk, Porch, Gutters
  3. Replace your old mailbox or paint it.
  4. Replace an old Garage Door with Steel Wooden-Grained Version
  5. Video Tape a Before and After, then Show your Hubby How You’ve IMPROVED the chances of SELLING FASTER!
  6. Plants, Flower Beds, Planters, Hanging Baskets-
  7. Small lamps turned on indoors create a home-look from the outside especially later in the afternoon or nighttime
  8. Sell your house!

Home Improvements?

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Did you pay attention when your Dad tried to teach you about home improvement? Yeah, neither did I, thank goodness  someone did. We provide a FREE estimate for your ailing garage door, opener or service repair.  AND in most cases we can have you fixed up within a few hours.   OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE is:  Texas Overhead Door –opening doors since 1986.

Remember: Garage Door Torsion Springs are very dangerous to replace PLEASE contact a professional!

Fort Worth Is Your Garage Door Broken?

Living in Fort Worth with a broken garage door? With 24/7 emergency services, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are your risk-free choice!

Our trained staff ask the right questions and get you back on track in no time, so YOU can get on with your busy life!

Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Crowley and Cleburne depends on our residential garage repair and new door installation. The State of Texas and beyond count on our commercial door services.

With 27 years in business, we received the 2012 Award of Excellence in Sales, Installation and Service from the Industry’s garage door opener manufacturer LiftMaster. Call Now 817-295-0216

liftmaster award

Thank you Fort Worth for helping to make us leaders in our industry!

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