The Best Garage Doors for Security

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What Makes The Best Garage Doors for Home Security?

New garage door Dallas TX/FT Worth

We understand the allure of curbside appeal, but security should be the most crucial factor when choosing a garage door for your home. You want the most important feature of a garage door to be the ability to keep your family and possessions safe. And the reason for this is because garage doors are well-known for being the entry point for intruders. 


There are, of course, many other aspects that come into play when beefing up the security of your property. The weight of your home security shouldn’t lay solely on the shoulders of your garage doors. There are other measures you can put into place to keep your home and family safe, from motion-detecting lights to security cameras.


New Year New Garage Door Dallas/FT Worth

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Texas Overhead Door

Looking for a fresh look for your home in 2021? Is your garage door looking a little worse for wear or starting to make strange noises? Well, with 2020 coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to consider a new garage door.

Investing in a new garage door Dallas/FT Worth, especially if yours isn’t level anymore or starting to shake, is vital. Garage doors aren’t one-size-fits-all, and they are a prominent part of your home and curb appeal. And, very importantly, they also offer additional safety and security for your family and home.

So take some time to think about the look and features you want at the front of your home, and we at Texas Overhead Door can help you customize your space and budget. We’ll help you impress your neighbors and visitors with this simple update to your home. (more…)

Garage Door Installation Dallas TX

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One of the best investments for homeowners to consider in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex proves surprisingly simple. A properly installed new garage door from Texas Overhead Door offers significant benefits. This article explores why anyone seeking garage door repair services in Dallas, Texas and outlying areas might want to select this option. We offer superb quality and turnkey installation services.

New Garage Door – Spring 2019 – Ft. Worth Texas

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Considering A New Garage Door?

garage door styles 2017 large door

As spring starts to roll in and the temperature starts to get warmer, you may want to do some updates to your home. Giving your home a fresh splash of curb appeal can help in many different ways. To do this plant flowers, clean your yard up, and add different features. One of the best ways to do something to your home that allows you to have multiple benefits is to replace your old garage door. You will be amazed at how well your home will look with a new garage door. A garage door will also help decrease energy costs, minimize safety risks, minimize security risks, and add value to your home.


When To Repair Or Replace Your Garage Door – Ft. Worth TX

Garage door installation & repair

Examining the most common reasons why your garage door doesn’t work, shows that some of the malfunctions are due to problems with the accessories as opposed to problems with the door itself. Before deciding to get a new garage door, make sure the problem can’t be fixed with a simple garage door repair job. A common reason why the door will not open is that the transmitter is out of range. If the transmitter is within range, the problem could be with the frequency, or the batteries in the transmitter need to be replaced. Other reasons why a garage door will not open is because it is manually locked. If it does not close properly, there may be a small object or debris underneath the door blocking the door’s path.


MyQ Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener

MyQ Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener
MyQ Smartphone Control is the top smart home app used to both monitor and control garage doors. This smartphone controlled garage door opener allows people to check up on, open and close their garage door using their cellphone.

Whether you’re at work, at play, it’s comforting to know you have the safety and convenience of controlling your garage door by simply pressing a few buttons on your phone. Using these WiFi garage door openers means when it’s dark or the weather is bad, you can open or close your garage door without leaving your home or vehicle.

8 Benefits Of Sectional Garage Doors

sliding up garage doorsSecurity is an important decision when it comes to any kind of living or working space; for home environments, securing your car and other belongings in your garage is an important task, that is why investing in the right garage door is important.

Among your choices, sectional garage doors may be the perfect option for your garage.

What Are Standard Garage Door Sizes

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wondering what are the garage door sizes

Your greasy garage has an out-dated decor, insufficient storage space, and a garage door that hasn’t worked properly for years.

You have had enough and now want to renovate it. You want to come up with a garage that will not only provide you more storage space but also give your home a new elegant look.

Not to mention enhancing the experience of living in it.

6 Garage Door Styles And Types in 2017

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types of garage doors, tyles and trendsGarages have been getting all the attention lately. Most people are starting to see them as an extension of the home rather than just a place where they keep their cars.

As far as the exterior design of your home is concerned, the garage door style is usually the first thing that people will see. They significantly contribute to your homes curb appeal. Innovations and technology have contributed to the rise of new garage door styles in 2017.


Increase Your Home Value With A Double Garage Door

In the contemporary world, the idea of a homeowner needing a garage that houses two cars has become almost standard.white double garage doors by Texas Overhead Doors After all, many homes have both parents working or include older children who also need a vehicle to get to school or elsewhere.

It makes sense to more closely consider the value of investing in a quality double garage door.


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