The Best Garage Doors for Security

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What Makes The Best Garage Doors for Home Security?

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We understand the allure of curbside appeal, but security should be the most crucial factor when choosing a garage door for your home. You want the most important feature of a garage door to be the ability to keep your family and possessions safe. And the reason for this is because garage doors are well-known for being the entry point for intruders. 


There are, of course, many other aspects that come into play when beefing up the security of your property. The weight of your home security shouldn’t lay solely on the shoulders of your garage doors. There are other measures you can put into place to keep your home and family safe, from motion-detecting lights to security cameras.

But if you do have an old garage door, it is probably time to consider an upgrade, as these are said to be weaker when holding up to the brute force of intruders. New garage doors are lighter, stronger, can withstand weather, and resist physical intrusion. More contemporary doors also offer the option for add-ons that will seal the door better, keeping pests out of your garage.


How does one know which type of garage door will provide the best protection, and do new garage doors provide better safety features? This post will take a look at how garage doors are broken into, the security features of most garage doors, the different types of garage doors, and how we at Texas Overhead Door can help.


Common Ways Garage Doors are Broken Into

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Let’s face it; we don’t tend to consider replacing garage doors very often. They are a feature of the house that doesn’t get a lot of thought or attention. But an intruder will be able to identify whether a garage door is robust enough to withstand an intrusion and how easy it is to break in. And most older doors are more likely weaker as they offer limited locking systems and unguarded weak points. 

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Methods of Intrusion

  • Force: This is often effective against older doors. There are usually gaps around the edges, a weak locking system, or they require repair and maintenance. 

  • Fishing: Older doors have latches that are secured by a cable. These can be easily manipulated by creating a gap at the top of the door and inserting a wire to fish for the door release wire. 


Modern Garage Doors

Newer doors offer a higher standard of security and are better prepared to withstand an attack.

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  • Multi-point locking systems: Newer doors will offer at least two internal locks, with an option to add more if needed.

  • Euro profile cylinder lock: This locking system can prevent the main lock from being drilled open. 

  • Locking rods: These are used instead of the old-school cable method. The rods make breaking in more difficult for an intruder.

  • Automation: This offers added security as the doors can only be opened with remote control.

  • Make and model: The material used to make a garage door can add to its security. Look and see if the garage doors you are interested in have accreditations like Secured By Design. These will give you peace of mind and help you figure which one to choose. 


Types of Garage Doors


Roller Doors

We’ll start with what is considered the most secure type of garage door. Roller doors expose no visible leverage points, which makes invasion difficult. They are made of aluminum and can be double-skinned to up the security offering.


Sectional Doors

These work in the same easy as roller doors and offer the same level of security. They are robust and leave no leverage points for intruders. These doors guard against brute force and other methods of invasion. 

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Up and Over Doors

Modern up and over garage doors are more secure than they used to be. If you have an old model, it may be time to think about a replacement. Unfortunately, the new design does still leave a little room for intruders to break-in, but you can take preventive measures by augmenting your door with extra security features. You can add an alarm, security camera, or motion sensor. And, keep up with maintenance. You want the frame to stay inflexible and the panel in good condition.

Side-Hinged Doors

These are useful for those with concerns of accessibility or mobility, and the insulated models are very secure. But it’s vital to note that you should have multiple locking mechanisms in place to protect against brute force attacks. 


There are pros and cons to all types of garage doors, but what you use your garage for may help you decide what type of door is best for you. If, for example, you only store gardening tools and bicycles in the garage that’s behind a gate, an up and over or side-hinged door will offer satisfactory security. If you store high-value items or your garage directly links to your home, consider a sectional or roller garage door. Remember, a modern garage door will have a much higher standard of security than older versions, and you can always opt to add a security door as well if you feel the need for an extra layer of security.



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