What Are Standard Garage Door Sizes

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wondering what are the garage door sizes

Your greasy garage has an out-dated decor, insufficient storage space, and a garage door that hasn’t worked properly for years.

You have had enough and now want to renovate it. You want to come up with a garage that will not only provide you more storage space but also give your home a new elegant look.

Not to mention enhancing the experience of living in it.

You have conducted in-depth research and now know the wall finishes and colors you want. But, wait! There is a problem. You have not identified the ideal door size for your garage. You don’t know much about garage doors and are worried that you might pick the wrong size.

What should you do?

Well, this piece will help you pick the right size. So, what are the standard garage door sizes?

Single Garage Door Sizes

A standard single garage door measures 10 by 7 feet, 9 by 7, and 8 by 7 feet. If you have a standard home that requires accommodation a sports utility vehicle (SUV), van, or a small truck, buy a standard single garage door.

However, if you are in a household that has multiple vehicles or large vehicles, choose a large garage door. Large vehicles do not fit easily through single garage doors.

If you are renovating your garage to create more storage space, avoid single car garage door size. Instead, go for a standard 2 car garage door size.

Double Garage Door Sizes

These garage doors are intended for safety and security of multiple vehicles or larger vehicles. A standard double garage door measures 16 by 7, 14 by 7, and 12 by 7 feet.

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When shopping for a garage door, you should keep in mind that these standard measurements are determined by garage door manufacturers, and you will face a challenge if your garage has unique measurements.

This will help you choose a garage door that suits your needs and wants.

Recreational Vehicle Garage Door Sizes

If you currently own an RV (Recreational vehicle) or planning to buy one in the future, your storage needs will be different from those who own small vehicles.

You will need to invest in a Recreational vehicle garage door. If you are construing a new garage or renovating your old garage, make sure that the contractor uses the proper architectural plans when designing your garage.

This will make it easy for you to acquire and fix the right RV garage door.

Commercial Garage Door Sizes

The height of a standard commercial garage door is 24 feet by 1 inch and 32 feet by 2 inches width.

When choosing a commercial garage door for your organization, however, you should first consider the number of vehicles owned by the organization as well as the size of those vehicles.

If your company owns several trucks, you will have to invest in a commercial garage door that is big enough to accommodate all of them.

The size of the biggest vehicle owned by your organization will help you know which door size suits your commercial garage.

Tip! Make sure the commercial garage you select has enough space so that vehicles can move around safely.

Whether you want a single car or a 3 car garage size, you will be able to choose the most suitable for your residential or commercial property if you take some time to understand about standard garage door sizes.

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Before you settle for a particular door size, make sure you see it in operation. If possible, visit a garage that has the door you want to buy and see if it matches your needs and ambitions.

Most importantly, you should ensure that you choose standard garage door sizes that match your current and future needs.

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  1. My husband requires fireproof commercial garage doors for his newly built building. That’s why we’re currently looking for a company that will be able to provide good quality garage doors. Thank you for this reminder; we’ll make sure that the sizes of the vehicles will be considered before choosing the right garage doors.

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