7 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Jul 18, 16 • New Garage Doors2 Comments

new garage doorWhen it comes to the type of new garage door Fort Worth residents would like to buy, the differences can boil down to a number of varying considerations. Different tastes, needs and areas have to be factored in carefully because the decision to buy garage doors is one that figures to be an important investment.

Listed below are seven important things to remember in this decision:

Available Budget

Likely the most obvious one for most people, this is something that requires a careful assessment of options within a specific price range. Most companies can work within a specific target are and deliver a garage door that can do the job. However, since not everyone has the same needs, the need for a careful assessment of what type of door fits those requirements is paramount.

Different Designs

Some people prefer to buy garage doors without a window, which may be related to privacy or safety concerns. On the opposite end, those that like this option want to be able to keep track of what’s going on outside without having to lift the door up. Still others like the idea of having a little natural light bursting forth.

A new garage door Fort Worth residents prefer sometimes includes a window because of the curb appeal that it has with certain individuals. The belief is that an estimated 30 percent of the home’s curb appeal is reportedly tied to the presence of a window.

Spring Decisions

Homeowners have the opportunity to choose between extension and torsion springs. The extension springs are located on one side of the door, while torsions are directly above the top section of that door. The latter springs are tightly wound in order to balance the door’s weight when it’s lifted.

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Materials Matter

The choice here usually focuses on either wood or steel doors. Each have certain value, with wood often offering a more artistic approach, while steel doors allow for more durability and less maintenance.

That means painting the wooden version could be a yearly endeavor, though there’s no risk of rusting, which is a possibility with the steel variety. When it comes to warranties, these tend to be shorter for the wooden version, which is something to consider if you expect to get a lot of use out of this door.

Single-Panel or Sectional

The cost of a single-panel door is less than the sectional version and the repairs or replacement parts involved will also be less expensive. However, should the springs fail, the entire could come down at once.

Individuals with short driveways or with limited clearance issues will benefit from choosing a sectional door. That’s due to the door’s ability to offer unobstructed space to a vehicle whose size might make entry slightly more difficult. Damage sustained to it from inclement weather can be cheaper since it may only be connected to one portion of the door.

The Value of Insulation

Having an insulated garage door installed is a good idea if the garage is attached to the home. That’s because the protection it offers from the heat of a Texas summer, high winds and torrential rains can save money, primarily when it comes to energy bills. That’s especially true for homes that have a room above the garage. Such a setup can also help reduce the noise level.

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Finding a Reliable Company

Looking for a company from which to buy garage doors from can be a challenge, especially if the company handling the job is inexperienced or has a sketchy reputation. The new garage door Fort Worth residents end up getting might come at a low price. However, the buyer is taking a huge risk, both financially and from a safety perspective, if the company doesn’t stand behind its product. Contact Texas Overhead Door today.

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  1. I like the idea of being able to see what is going on outside my door before opening it. That way I can easily avoid opening it up and having a stranger standing there. It also helps me keep a good eye on the neighborhood in case someone tries to rob anybody.

  2. Michael Lee says:

    My wife and I are thinking about getting a new garage door and are looking into different garage door products to figure out to buy. I think that we would choose a sectional garage door over a single-panel one. Having the door being more obstructing is something that I worry about.

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