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One of the best investments for homeowners to consider in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex proves surprisingly simple. A properly installed new garage door from Texas Overhead Door offers significant benefits. This article explores why anyone seeking garage door repair services in Dallas, Texas and outlying areas might want to select this option. We offer superb quality and turnkey installation services.

Choosing a New Garage Door

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Replacing an older garage door instead of seeking repair services sometimes makes enormous financial sense. Why? Just consider a few reasons to opt for an attractive new door installed by Texas Overhead Door:

  • We carry a large selection of high quality merchandise;
  • New garage doors add currency to stylish residential properties;
  • Enhance security while boosting curb appeal;
  • Avoid repair expenses by investing in a new, well-functioning garage door.

Impressive Selections at Affordable Prices

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Texas Garage Door has served this region of the Lone Star State for over 30 years. We understand the vital importance of matching a new garage door to a home’s exterior décor in order to produce harmonious, eye-catching results. Our inventory of lovely doors includes an impressive variety of sizes, materials, and styles from leading manufacturers. We possess exactly the right door to complement your DFW home!

Maintain a Fresh, Trendy Cachet

Residential fashions change in subtle ways over the course of time. New garage doors, like every other feature, convey an aura of modernity and style. Simply replacing a heavily worn, outdated garage door sometimes provides a very cost-effective way to give a vintage property a facelift. We offer skilled assistance if you would like to implement this strategy.

Bolster Security and Curb Appeal

Our new garage doors help property owners maintain security in an appealing, trendy way. When we install these products for you, you’ll notice the results with pleasure! Improving the appearance of the garage while also emphasizing safety and energy efficiency offers long term benefits. Whether you eventually plan to place your home on the realty market, or you simply wish to avoid the burden of frequent garage door repair expenses, it often proves wise to replace older garage doors with brand new, quality doors supplied by BBB-accredited Texas Overhead Door.

Curb High Maintenance and Repair Bills

While garage doors should offer years of valuable service, eventually these important structures do wear out. A broken garage door track or a broken spring garage door mechanism creates ongoing anxiety for many homeowners. If a garage door begins to require frequent maintenance expenditures well above basic inspection and ordinary maintenance costs, then obtaining a new fully operational automatic door often provides a great alternative. Taking this action helps prevent repetitive repair visits in many cases. Plus, a brand new garage door helps avoid the considerable inconvenience caused by some malfunctioning automatic doors.

We Offer Skilled, Fully Qualified Installation Services

When the time arrives to purchase a new garage door, we hope you’ll think of Texas Overhead Door. Obtain qualified, well-trained installation services from us. If the prospect of paying to fix a broken spring garage door mechanism or a bent or broken garage door track fills you with a sense of uneasiness and worry, we offer an outstanding alternative. Our courteous technicians possess expertise installing all types of modern garage doors (including some very complex mechanisms).

We offer a surprisingly affordable alternative. Please don’t rely on unsafe, amateur DIY installation services. Call us now. Schedule a convenient installation appointment in the Dallas Metroplex today! 


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    Bob and his team did an excellent job installing a garage door for my commercial business. I would definitely be using him again and will definitely refer people to Bob.

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