Why It Pays to Protect Your Business with Storefront Security Doors

Aug 14, 17 • Commercial Doors3 Comments

When someone enters a store, they probably don’t pay much attention to the doors.storefront-security-doors However, the people that own and run that place of business need to be very cognizant of just how important those storefront security doors are to their success. Without that line of defense, their lifespan in the marketplace may get short-circuited.

The reason that store security doors need to be addressed in a serious fashion is that the level of vulnerability a business might face will increase considerably. Having these in place avoids the prospect of dangers like:


Not taking this aspect into consideration for stores is something that never occurs, yet choosing the best type of store security doors to combat the problem is important. The storefront security doors need to be sturdy enough to deter any efforts to enter the store after hours by thieves, especially for those businesses that use window displays to entice potential customers.

Some companies that install commercial security doors want to have that protection in place, yet still offer passersby the opportunity to get a glimpse of what’s inside. Those businesses prefer the see-through model that manages to find a happy medium when it comes to any sort of debate over which type of commercial security doors work best.

Inclement Weather

Certain parts of the country can be subject to severe weather conditions that might otherwise cause havoc without factoring in storefront security concerns. For example, the lethal damage that can be inflicted by a hurricane or tornado can wipe out an entire property in a matter of seconds.

Other areas of the country that don’t deal with such issues still may be faced by high winds during the winter months that can end up shattering windows in any sort of storefront. In any of these situations, the prospect of having to do cleanup, filing insurance claims and losing business during this time frame help reinforce the need for these types of doors.

Financial Matters

The aforementioned problems that might result from not having effective security doors in place can unleash a powerful punch to the bottom line of a business. Without doors for either commercial security or storefront security in place, a business could be subject to increased insurance costs. Even if that’s not the case, they may need to pay for added security measures to protect their merchandise.

For businesses that want a little more peace of mind and don’t want to have to worry about continually upgrading this area of security, commercial overhead doors help make that a reality. That’s because the sturdy nature of those commercial overhead doors allow them to withstand pretty much whatever any criminals or Mother Nature can dish out.

Making the Right Call

Expenses of this sort are too often relegated to afterthought status by those in charge, which can have severe ramifications down the road. In such instances, the mindset when it comes to purchasing store security doors can boil down to such things as cost or simply using a hit-or-miss selection process.

That’s why when the final decision is made to invest in storefront security doors, the only name that should be considered is Texas Overhead Door. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and also handle the installation of both commercial security doors and commercial overhead doors. Our legacy is a strong one and is something that we don’t take lightly, so make sure to contact us today at 800-715-8781.

3 Responses to “Why It Pays to Protect Your Business with Storefront Security Doors”

  1. Max Jones says:

    Thanks for explaining that if you don’t have commercial security, then you can be subject to increased insurance costs. My dad owns a warehouse for his clothing company, and he wants to make sure that the building is protected due to recent crime activity in the area. I’ll tell him to get commercial shutters and other security measures for his warehouse.

  2. Thanks for the advice to take crime into consideration when getting a door. Sadly, crime can happen anywhere at any time. Your door could be the only thing between a criminal and your belongings so getting the right one is essential.

  3. Bree Ward says:

    It’s true that choosing the best type of store security doors can combat theft, burglary, etc. Thanks for discussing the importance of having a security storefront doors. If ever that I will own business in the future, I will definitely invest in this type of door for the security of my business.

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