5 Ways to Keep Dirt & Debris Out of Your Garage

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residential garage doorsOne of the constants for those with garages is that dirt and debris will somehow find their way into this area. With the high winds that are a part of the Texas landscape, there’s little defense against these issues finding their way into someone’s garage. The level of activity in there, the people coming through it and even the condition of the vehicles that reside in there can make it virtually impossible to keep things clean.

The simplest solution when it comes to the residential garage door is to simply close it, though that’s undoubtedly the least practical concept. After all, garages are generally a place to put vehicles or let in some natural light, neither of which is possible in the above scenario.

To address the issue, listed below are five examples of how to keep that debris and dirt outside where it belongs:

Regular Maintenance

While this basic idea is something of a no-brainer, the reality is that few people make a concerted effort to tackle this issue. Rather than consistently perform a little cleanup in the garage on a weekly basis, they wait months between cleanings. Either that or they make it an annual, bi-annual or rare event that can take up an entire day. The more there is to clean, the less inclined many people are to handle this task.

Even the steady push of a broom once a day will keep things in check. For those with multi-car garages, that may take too much time, so it may be better to carve out a 20-30 minute cleanup on the weekend or day off. Once it’s done, you’re back in control.

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Blowing Them Away

Those not in the market for Fort Worth garage door repair but who still have to deal with issues like leaves blowing inside or debris in general can put a leaf blower to use. Simply using that equipment to move the falling leaves away from the garage entrance will stem the influx of them.

Like the maintenance part, this will have to be a regular item on a homeowner or business’ agenda. However, this is a case of being able to handle an issue before it becomes worse.

Screening Things Out

The purchase of a garage door screen is something that can be quickly installed and offers the twin benefits of keeping debris out and maintaining a visual presence from the inside.

The option is certainly available to get a more elaborate setup to work in conjunction with residential garage doors. However, the reality of this type of purchase is that there are a number of home improvement-based stores that offer these at a relatively economical price.

Sealing Things Up

Whether maintenance on residential garage doors is performed every year or Fort Worth garage door repair work is being done, it makes sense to discuss having a seal applied. For the professionals handling the job, this is a relatively simple job that involves attaching some rubber or vinyl on the door’s bottom.

This keeps out dirt and debris, which could conceivably leave the sides of the door as the next option for those menaces. To combat the latter problem, residential garage doors should have some form of weatherstripping. One of the hidden benefits in doing this will be helping to also keep out bugs and rainwater.

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Paving the Way

Pulling into a driveway or parking area for a business can help kick up an abundance of dust if the surface is made of gravel or dirt. On dry days, that dust goes flying into the air, with the usual destination being the garage. Conversely, on wet days, these same surfaces can get messy very quickly, with a vehicle’s wheels tracking that mud into the garage.

For those unable to budget for that paving, simple floor mats should be able to accommodate those muddy days. Just placing one right before the garage entrance should be sufficient.

A Veteran in the Field

When it comes to Fort Worth garage door repair or any aspect of the commercial door market, Texas Overhead Door has been a Lone Star State standout for the last three decades. We know the market and the industry well and can offer the type of quality workmanship that area residents long ago came to trust. Contact us for all of your garage and commercial door needs.

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  1. Thanks for the tip that having a screen on my garage door would help a lot in keep dust and degree our of the garage. I’m planning to get hangar doors installed for my garage. This way, I can have a lot more daylight in whenever I’m tuning up my car during a Saturday morning.

  2. It never crossed my mind that a garage screen could be adjustable in maintaining debris out of the garage. My grandfather just got his garage flor done, and he wants to maintain the dust and rubbles out. I will suggest him getting a screen door to ensure his garage is clean.

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