10 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

The value of having a garage in anbrown garage door area like North Texas is that it allows a resident to keep a vehicle out of the brutal summer sun. So making sure a garage door is working smoothly should be a regular consideration for a resident, with preventative maintenance the least expensive way of limiting any garage door repair that may be needed. Below are 10 examples of how to keep residential garage doors in good working order.

Keeping the Ears Open

Merely listening for unusual sounds is an easy way to determine if any problems exist evident, it’s readily apparent that some garage door repair should be done. Ignoring such sounds will likely result in much worse damage and a higher repair bill.

Visual Check of the Door

Make sure that there’s no damage to a door or checking for any developing issues, such as warped doors from water damage or rust in the case of steel doors. Keeping the door itself clean also helps present a more aesthetic appeal, and the cleaning can be addressed by simply using an all-purpose cleaner.

Clearing Debris

Over a period of time, things like dust, dirt and other debris will collect in the area of the tracks, which can result in problems developing. In some cases, maneuvering within the tracks to get at the issue at hand can be a tricky proposition, which means that it might be a safer idea to have a professional handle the job.

Checking the Reverse Mechanisms

By placing something (usually a piece of wood) on the ground in the path of the door, and then pressing the garage door opener, the door should strike this item and automatically come back up.

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The photo eye can also be tested in simple fashion by merely waving a hand or foot in the path of the beams on each side of the garage. That should commence the reversing of the door.

Inspecting Rollers

The brackets that allow the rollers on a door to run smoothly can become loose over time, and should be checked. While they can tightened with a mere socket wrench, the task can be often be complicated enough that safety issues may deem having a professional look at it instead.

Consistent Lubrication

Inevitably, hinges, tracks and rollers start to make noises like squeaks, lubrication is in order. The use of lithium grease or silicone can help eliminate at least part of the problem, which is something a professional will either have for sale or use as part of routine maintenance.

Testing the Springs

Improper balance for residential garage doors can result in a shorter lifespan for garage door openers. Simply disconnecting the opener and pulling the door halfway up can determine if issues exist. Adjusting the springs can be dangerous, which is why only professionals should handle those duties.

Looking for Damaged Cables

Garage door openers are able to lift doors due to high-tension cables that can become broken or damaged at some point. Trying to fix the issue on your own isn’t recommended, since the force from them can cause serious injury or even death.

Checking the Roller Chain

The chain on the garage door opener should be tight, but not too tight, otherwise the door will be unable to drop properly and cause premature wear on the rollers. On the flip side, a chain that’s too loose will reduce the power to either open or close.

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While it’s possible to do the adjustments by yourself, this task requires you to temporarily remove the wires attached to the power outlet. From there, using a wrench to either loosen or tighten things up in the next step.

Assessing the Weatherstripping

One of the more subtle parts of the door is the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door. It helps keep out rain and debris, but over time, it can become worn out and need replacement. While the task of doing so can be done by a resident, it can be complicated if you’re not familiar with the routine, which is why such things may be better handled by experienced personnel.

The Easy Answer

Garage door openers are often a valuable asset, especially during times of inclement weather. Of course, for them to work, residential garage doors have to be working properly. So if issues have developed that are too complicated or potentially dangerous to handle or you just don’t have the time to do any garage door repair on your own, contact the professionals at Texas Overhead Door to make life easier. They’re now in their 30th year of business and can be reached at 1-800-715-8781.

12 Responses to “10 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors”

  1. Max Jones says:

    I appreciate this info about garage doors. My friend is hoping to get a new garage door for his home. I’ll share this article about garage doors with my friend.

  2. Max Jones says:

    Thanks for explaining how garage door openers use high-tension cables. My wife and I have been doing research on how to build a garage door for our new home. We will look for good high-tension cables, and we will find a professional that can help with installation.

  3. Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for the tip to pay attention to any unusual sounds a garage door may make. I noticed a grinding sound when I opened the garage door last night. I’ll hire a professional who can come and check on my garage door this weekend.

  4. Carly Mckeen says:

    Thank you for stating that debris such as dust and dirt can collect in the area of the tracks of your garage, and can result in problems. Lately, my garage door hasn’t been opening properly and has been making strange noises. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to properly maintain my garage door, and will definitely utilize your advice and hire a professional to take a look at it.

  5. It was really helpful when you discussed that overtime, debris can accumulate at the tracks of the door and cause troubles that need professional intervention, so it is best to keep it clean. This is something that I know is applicable regardless of the type of garage door, so I will be sure to mention this to my friend. He’s planning to use this thing called “hangar door” for his commercial garage, and I researched the best way to maintain it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. […] seal. It helps to keep out debris and rain, meaning it will wear out overtime. It is important to check your stripping regularly to make sure it is not broken or […]

  7. Thanks for mentioning that you should inspect and tighten your rollers regularly. It makes sense that the constant motion could cause things to become looser over time. I am trying to take better care of my garage door, so I have been looking for tips. I will keep these things in mind, thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. I have been looking into having a garage added onto my home and while my wife isn’t sure about it, I’m still wanting to add it to my home. I liked that you had mentioned that when maintaining a garage that consistent lubrication is important to help avoid any problems and stop any squeaking. Once I buy a garage I will be making sure that it is constantly lubricated, that way when the garage opens it won’t cause any problems.

  9. Ernest London says:

    Thanks for the tips for taking care of a garage door. My wife and I are getting a new garage door, and we want to make sure we can care for it properly. I appreciate what you said about lubricating the hinges, tracks, and rollers regularly. I didn’t realize this needed to be done so often, but I will make sure to start doing it more.

  10. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I need to get our garage door fixed soon but are looking ways to prevent it from getting damaged again. I had no idea that the springs and cables could be so dangerous to work with! I’m glad that you mention having a professional look at them as to avoid injury. Thanks for the help!

  11. Thanks for the great garage door maintenance tips. I didn’t know that I could do so much myself for my garage doors. When you say consistent lubrication, about how often would that be? Right now, I haven’t lubricated our doors in probably a year.

  12. Alex Trodder says:

    You make a great point about how a garage is a great way to protect your car from the harsh summer sun. We’ve been having problems with our garage door. It opens just fine, but when we try to close it, the door goes all the way down and then opens again. There’s nothing that blocking the electric eye. Do you think our reverse mechanism needs repairing or adjusting like you mentioned in your post?

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