Make Your Garage Virtually Impenetrable With This Automatic Garage Door Lock

Apr 9, 18 • Garage Door Openers6 Comments

automatic garage door lock, can be smartphone controlled
Various automatic garage door openers are guaranteed to keep your home safe and secure. As some of them are virtually impenetrable, you are sure that you can leave your house and come back with nothing being taken. Getting the best garage door security for your homes is the main goal for most homeowners or those who have commercial buildings and would like to guarantee their clients that their vehicles, equipment or valuables are in safe hands.

You can give a try to the brand new Automatic Garage Door Lock, made by the professional installing garage door openers and solutions experts, LiftMaster. This garage door lock is a new accessory deadbolt made for your garage like no other available in the market. The extra layer of protection that the deadbolt offers you when you are away from home is something that most garage owners are going to love.

liftmaster automatic garage door lock

There are more than 70% of homeowners that use the garage as their entryway to their homes. Meaning, making sure that the garage is secure and impenetrable is a top security priority mainly for new and existing homeowners.

The LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock makes your garage door quite literally impenetrable from people trying to sneak in and steal. The automatic garage lock makes it quite hard as it automatically engages and disengages when you open and close your garage.

Automatic Garage Door Lock Benefits

  • When the door is engaged, an audible click is heard
  • You are assured that your garage is locked and secure
  • You can close and open your garage with the click of a button from your phone and know if someone has opened it
  • You can download the LiftMaster MyQ app onto your smartphone, which will integrate seamlessly to your Door Lock
  • You can receive notifications on whether your garage door has been closed, or left open
  • Homeowners can close and keep their homes secure wherever they are
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remote controlled garage door lock smartphone controlled garage lock

Another benefit that you get from having LiftMaster’s garage door opener, you have a storm defense. No matter how nasty the outside is, you are guaranteed to be protected from the storm. Your vehicles and belongings are likely to go unscathed once the storm ends.

Garage Door Security and Peace of Mind

Your door lock works with select LiftMaster Auto Lock Capable Garage Door Openers. You also get a battery back up belt drive WiFi. This automatic garage door opener is on the top of its line and you are guaranteed that you have the best garage door security that money can buy. With state-of-the-art accessories available for commercial and residential uses, you are sure that LiftMaster’s products will fit in your lifestyle.

LiftMaster have been making security products for more than 50 years. They have engineered cut-edge products that are made to deliver top of the line garage door security. According to John Villanueva, who is the Vice President and General Manager at Residential Access Solutions, LiftMaster’s new accessory makes homeowners, such as yourself, assured that their garage is safe and secure whether they are home or away.

There are various LiftMaster’s Automatic Garage Door Lock such as the 8550W Elite Series, 8360W Premium Series and the 8587W Elite Series automatic garage door opener.

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6 Responses to “Make Your Garage Virtually Impenetrable With This Automatic Garage Door Lock”

  1. Dave says:

    Can this lock be used independently of a LiftMaster system? I need a Zwave/Zigbee lock that can be mated to an existing home automation system.

    Even if it isn’t Zwave or Zigbee compliant, if it can be connected to WiFi and remote controlled with an independent app, that would be acceptable as well.

  2. Thanks for your insightful review.

    Today, on the market, I see every automatic garage door opener offers the same features like LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock. So why should I use it? I am looking for an automatic garage door opener that has a password protected app to log into. I lose my mobile phone, it can be ensured that my garage door will be safe.

    Thank you

  3. That’s amazing! Technology changed each and everything in this world. These automatic doors are an example of it. I’m really amazed with the technology used in these automatic doors.

  4. It’s cool that there are garage door openers that will lock automatically and make your home impenetrable. My wife and I have been looking for a way to make our home a safer, more impenetrable place, and this might be the perfect way for us to do that. We’ll be looking further into our options for locking garage door openers in the future.

  5. Mrs. Hughes says:

    Hello. I have a few questions about your garage door locks. Can they be mounted on the inside of the garage door? Can they be used on tilt up overhead doors? Could you please give me an estimate on cost? I am asking with my townhouse community in mind. We have 37 units and I wanted to ask about a discount for that many? We are in California.
    Thank you

  6. […] There are many homes that have no idea that criminals can access their main home from their garage. Many homeowners keep their garage door going to the main house unlocked, assuming that since their garage door is closed, they wouldn’t be able to access their main door. However, this could be the biggest mistake of many homeowners. If you want to enhance your security measures at home and prevent a burglary from occurring, you need to make sure that you enhance your lock on your garage. There are any companies that provide garage doors with automatic locking systems, in case you forget to lock your garage door. You can start by searching online for: Garage doors automatic locking. […]

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