Tips To Protect Your Garage Door In Texas Winter

insulating garage door for winter in texas

One of the largest moving structures of your house that will be exposed to cold weather is your garage door. Because of this, it is important to prepare and protect your garage door in winter.

While Texas may not get the coldest weather compared to other states, it definitely has its fair share of challenging weather.

So, what can you do to winterize your garage door?


1. Check and Clean Weather Stripping

Firstly, making sure the weather stripping on your garage door is in good condition can help. Make sure to check for any damage, such as rips and tears, that would let cold air or water into your garage.

Ensuring that the stripping stays attached is important as well, so make sure to securely attach it wherever it is loose.

2. Sealing Garage Door From Inside

If you know a heavy winter storm is coming, one way that you can help prepare for it is by sealing garage door from inside.

Using a solution like weather stripping not only on the bottom but also on the sides and even the top could be a solution to keeping freezing rain and snow out.

3. Insulate your Garage

One way to really help your garage door is by checking that your entire garage is insulated.

Insulating your garage windows and making sure that it is not freezing cold in your garage can go a long way.

While this may be a bit more work, making your garage, particularly windows and doors, a bit more insulated can keep your garage door running smoothly.

On the plus side, your garage won’t be so cold to walk out into in the morning!

4. Keep the Tracks and Door Clean

By cleaning the track of your garage door, you can help your garage door run smoothly along it.

By cleaning the outside of your garage door, you help make sure that no ice or debris buildup will cause rust or damage to any of the hinges on the door.

5. Call an Expert

Sometimes simple fixes and maintenance that you can perform on your own are not enough to protect your garage door in winter.

This is especially true if your door is already experiencing some difficulty in operating correctly.

If this is the case, you should consider calling a professional to help you service your garage door and make sure that your garage door is prepared for winter.

If you live in or near the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and need help preparing your garage door for the cold months, consider contacting Texas Overhead Door.

We have been in business since 1986 and can help you with whatever need could arise with your garage door.

Ice and snow, as well as other cold weather elements, can wreak havoc on your garage door if it is not properly maintained and prepared.

By following the tips above, you can start to winterize garage door and help make sure that it is prepared for the harsh winter elements.

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