3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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garage door replacementsHaving a working garage door is the everyday expectation of a homeowner, which is something that inevitably causes
disappointment when a breakdown occurs. Eventually, the wear-and-tear gets to a point where garage door repair is no longer a viable option and instead involves garage door replacement.

During the Spring is usually the best time to install a new garage door Fort Worth residents will need. Below are three specific reasons why such timing makes the most sense:

Safety Concerns with Springs

The changing temperatures that evolve from winter into spring may not be as severe as northern climates, but they can still have an impact on the springs that are essentially the backbone of the door. Those springs are supposed to last five to six years, yet in this case, the chillier and sometimes frigid temperatures can result in misaligned springs that mean a call for garage door repair is on the horizon.

Not doing anything about that issue isn’t something you want to consider, primarily because the weather extremes that bring brutally hot conditions to North Texas every summer will only make the situation worse. That means that the time that those springs break is coming sooner than you think.

Once those springs break, the entire door could come crashing down. If you’re lucky, garage door replacement will be the only concern in that particular situation. However, far too often, anything blow an open door with worn out springs could destroyed and people either killed or severely injured.

Added Security

Whether it’s simply repair or a new garage door Fort Worth residents need, the simple fact that a door will help add a layer of security to either your home or the property within the garage itself. Many homes have attached garages and if the doors isn’t working properly that leaves the home vulnerable to anyone who may have crime on their mind.

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Replacing garage doors isn’t something that’s done every year, yet things like technological advances with those new doors help make things a lot simpler for a homeowner. There’s a level of reassurance that comes with the ability to have sensors in place and automatic lighting installed that will help deter any intruders.

Older doors likely don’t have those available, as well as something like keyless entry. The most advanced doors will allow someone to close a door by smartphone if needed or open it prior to arriving home. All of these circumstances are easier to install during the spring, when temperatures are more stable.

Economic Value

One of the more compelling reasons to simply skip garage door repair and have it replaced during the spring is because of the monetary value it can bring. From better-insulated doors that can save on energy costs and keep things cool in the summer to additional value when it comes to the home itself, such an investment can pay off. In the latter case, that’s especially true if you’re thinking of selling your home.

Part of that value may be attributed to the aesthetic value that a new garage door Fort Worth residents can present to the outside world. Within that realm, the many different styles and colors have undoubtedly expanded since your last door was installed.

Veterans in the Field

Texas Overhead Door has installed garage doors for more than 30 years and has the experience to handle your situation. So when the time comes that you start considering garage door replacement, make sure to choose the professionals at Texas Overhead Door. Contact us today.

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