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Over time, the springs in your garage door will wear with age and use. This could result in difficulty opening or closing the door, excessive noise, and even complete failure when the springs become damaged or broken. The winter weather is especially hard on garage door springs, which also can result in broken springs that need replaced. Overhead door spring repair is not a DIY job, however. Always trust the professionals when you need garage door repair work done.



Why is My Garage Door So Noisy When Opening and Closing?

Noisy Garage DoorThe opening and closing of a garage door will inevitably make some noise, yet one of the more frustrating aspects that can occur is when it turns into a loud garage door. When that happens, that can make things uncomfortable for a homeowner, especially if you’re leaving your residence early in the morning or returning late at night.


How to Know When to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

May 12, 16 • Garage Door SpringsNo Comments

garage spring replacementHaving access to a garage in North Texas can be a godsend during the summer months, since it helps avoid getting into a vehicle that can be unbearably hot. By simply closing the door, that heat is held at bay, but inevitably, garage door repair becomes a necessity for a homeowner or business.


Types of Garage Door Springs: Extension vs. Torsion Springs

Apr 13, 16 • Garage Door SpringsNo Comments

garage spring repairFor most people in the North Texas area, garage spring maintenance may encompass any number of considerations, even though many people don’t tend to put a lot of thought into the type of springs on their garage or overhead door.

However, the onset of warmer weather, potential high winds and heavy rain mean that a door should be ready to handle the rigors that come with volatile weather conditions and high temperatures. If that’s not the case, then some garage door repair might be in order, if not garage spring repair.


The Dangers of DIY Broken Spring Replacement

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Garage Spring ReplacementThe springs on a garage door serve as the most important component when it comes to opening and closing that door. That’s because the springs help support its entire weight, so when those springs eventually wear out or break at some point, it’s time for a garage door spring replacement.

Very few people take into consideration the many parts of a garage door that need to work in concert each time for it to open or close. Instead, they only become aware of something being amiss when performing those simple acts becomes impossible. (more…)

Attention: Fort Worth Realtors

With up to 40% of a home’s facade being the garage door, it’s not something you want to overlook. A new garage door can add value to your clients home, make it more attractive, and provide immediate practical benefits with improved energy efficiency and quieter operation. A stylish garage door creates huge impact on that critical first impression. Look at the difference below, between a typical, bland garage door (on top) and one of our Amarr carriage-house style garage doors (on bottom).

amarr doors

Think about how much more impressive the Amarr doors are to a potential buyer pulling up in the driveway. If your client’s current (more…)

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