How to Get a Free Replacement Garage Remote Battery

Nov 23, 15 • Garage Door Openers, NewsNo Comments

free replacement garage remote batteryThe value that comes with having a garage remote most often comes through when inclement weather strikes. That’s because never having to set foot in miserable weather brings with it a comfort level that can be hard to top. Of course, when the battery for that remote runs out, it renders the equipment temporarily useless. That means it’s time for a replacement garage remote battery, which can be a tricky proposition when it comes to certain garage door openers. It’s not simply a case of going down to the nearest retail outlet and purchasing a regular pair of batteries. (more…)

Remotes? Trash ’em. How to Control Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone

Smartphone Garage Door OpenerHave you heard of a smarthome or know someone that controls everything in the house with a smartphone? If you have a remote for your garage door opener, you can get rid of them because we can help you turn your smartphone into a remote control for your garage doors today. Like many of our customers, you want to make sure to get this transition done correctly to also include members of your family. To get advice about choosing the right apps, coordinating the apps with your specific garage door, get information about passwords or security, and other helpful advice from pros in the smartphone garage door opener world, keep reading! (more…)

5 Fall Garage Door Maintenance Tips

garage door maintenanceWhen the fall approaches, it is a good time to get your garage door inspected, maintained or serviced. Although hiring a garage doors Fort Worth specialist to regularly check your springs, motors and seals in the fall may not be a top priority, there are some tips that can help you make it through the season. As a word of caution, some maintenance, inspection or repairs of your garage door may cause serious injury and are jobs that need to be left to pros. (more…)

How to Choose the Best Automatic Garage Door Opener

Sep 16, 15 • Garage Door Openers, NewsNo Comments

garage door openersDetermining the most valuable component of garage door openers is something that’s hard to pinpoint for the average consumer. Some value the ease and comfort it provides when inclement weather strikes and leaving the car is an uninviting prospect, while others put a greater emphasis on security features that come with a specific model.

Any number of other considerations might be invoked, but regardless of the sentiment, having access to the best garage door openers that money can buy is something that these individuals cherish. Therefore, acquiring all the necessary information to make the right choice is invaluable. (more…)

The Dangers of DIY Broken Spring Replacement

Aug 17, 15 • Garage Door Springs, NewsNo Comments

Garage Spring ReplacementThe springs on a garage door serve as the most important component when it comes to opening and closing that door. That’s because the springs help support its entire weight, so when those springs eventually wear out or break at some point, it’s time for a garage door spring replacement.

Very few people take into consideration the many parts of a garage door that need to work in concert each time for it to open or close. Instead, they only become aware of something being amiss when performing those simple acts becomes impossible. (more…)

Why You Can Trust Texas Overhead Door

Jul 15, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Given the importance of finding jwooden garage doorust the right company in North Texas to handle your garage repair services, it’s important that a number of different components make up the structure of that garage repair business. (more…)

10 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

The value of having a garage in anbrown garage door area like North Texas is that it allows a resident to keep a vehicle out of the brutal summer sun. So making sure a garage door is working smoothly should be a regular consideration for a resident, with preventative maintenance the least expensive way of limiting any garage door repair that may be needed. Below are 10 examples of how to keep residential garage doors in good working order. (more…)

DIY Tips to Protect Your Garage from Flooding

Jun 9, 15 • Fall, Garage Tips, NewsNo Comments

garage floodingWhen it comes to making sure that the inside of your garage is protected from the threat of flooding caused by heavy rains or other related disasters, doing such garage waterproofing yourself isn’t really that far-fetched an idea. The money saved is obviously the largest component of such thinking, but time spent performing the necessary tasks really won’t be a prohibitive drain on the pace of your everyday life. (more…)

5 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Garage Door SecurityThe value of having a garage for either your home or business needs is something that many people have a hard time putting a price on. However, that price may turn out to be costly if it turns out that inattention related to residential garage doors was the cause of a break-in that resulted in the loss of not only valuables, but your peace of mind. In situations such as this, it’s important to be aware of steps that you can take to avoid such issues from developing in the first place. Below are five important steps to enhance garage door security (more…)

The Benefits of a Garage Door Tune-Up

garage door repairAre you considering an annual garage door tune-up but are not sure if will turn into a costly repair nightmare? It is unlikely that getting a garage door repair will turn into a scenario similar to dropping off a car at a mechanic’s shop, but it pays to know what you will be paying for. We can help you get a better idea with a general overview of what entails garage door maintenance or garage door repair. After you have reviewed all of the details, you will feel more confident about what to expect when you have your garage door tuned up. (more…)

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