New Garage Glass Doors – Dallas/FT.Worth

Jul 30, 19 • News1 Comment

New glass garage doors provide for an undeniably striking substitute for both commercial and home use. The design of the garage doors is aesthetically able to make any home or business appear pleasantly spacious and unique, allowing natural light to come into the building. Despite the location of a home or place of business, new glass garage doors ward cold weather out while keeping the perfect balance of warm and cool air during the summer months.
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New Garage Door Increase Insulation Value? Saving Summer Money – Ft Worth Texas

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Garage Door SecuritySummer is quickly approaching and weather forecasts are predicting yet another record-breaking year of scorching temperatures. Now is the perfect time to start shopping for a more energy efficient garage door if you’re in the market for an upgrade. New garage doors are being designed with all-new materials that help insulate the garage better and reduce noise. Can a new garage door increase energy efficiency? Although any garage in Texas is going to be somewhat warm in the summer months, a solid, well-insulated new garage door can help keep more heat outside and save a fortune on your energy bills. (more…)

2019 Storm Safe Home – Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage – Ft Worth TX

Mar 20, 19 • News1 Comment

Protect Your Home This Hurricane Season

If you live in many regions of Texas, your home could be affected by a hurricane this season, and it’s important to stay tuned for updates on the 2019 hurricane forecast. Storms have been affecting areas that are further inland than usual, and hurricanes may be growing stronger. Here’s how you can protect your home from hurricane damage:


New Garage Door – Spring 2019 – Ft. Worth Texas

Feb 22, 19 • New Garage Doors, News2 Comments

Considering A New Garage Door?

garage door styles 2017 large door

As spring starts to roll in and the temperature starts to get warmer, you may want to do some updates to your home. Giving your home a fresh splash of curb appeal can help in many different ways. To do this plant flowers, clean your yard up, and add different features. One of the best ways to do something to your home that allows you to have multiple benefits is to replace your old garage door. You will be amazed at how well your home will look with a new garage door. A garage door will also help decrease energy costs, minimize safety risks, minimize security risks, and add value to your home.


Garage Door DIY Installation Dangers & Hazards – Ft. Worth TX

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Garage door installation dyi hazards

Is it dangerous to install your own garage door parts? The team here at Texas Overhead Door want to make sure you know the risks associated with garage door installation.

New Garage Door Installation

When it comes to self-installing garage doors, it can be more complicated and dangerous than it is worth. A new garage door installation requires special tools to install it properly. Garage doors have many related parts that have to be compatible with one another. Something as small as a hinge being out of place can cause the entire door to not function properly, which in return will cost you more money for repairs.


New Garage Door & Installation – Ft. Worth, TX

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Need a new garage door?

Many homeowners put off replacing their garage doors until it’s absolutely necessary — such as when the door is damaged, becomes unsightly or is simply no longer in working order. A damaged or malfunctioning garage door may not only be unattractive, but it can actually cause a dangerous household accident. Obviously, safety is the most important reason to replace an old garage door.

All homeowners are concerned about safety, but those who also care about their homes’ curb appeal know that a new garage door can be one of the most important home improvement projects to increase their homes’ resale value. Some home improvement ideas could include a new garage door that complements the front door, a door that features a contrasting color or a modern door that helps update your home’s style.


Storm & Security Shutters – Adding Protection & Value – Ft. Worth TX

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Storm & Security Shutters Dallas TX

With the world as crazy as it is outside and the increase of natural disasters, it’s more important than ever to have Storm & Security Shutters installed on your home. In terms of security, it seems as though criminal activity is on the rise, and with practically everyone having a gun these days, your home safety is more at risk than ever.


Top 5 Reasons To Replace vs Repairing Your Residential Garage Door – Ft. Worth TX

Aug 10, 18 • News2 Comments

Repair & Replace garage door

Do you ever ask yourself why replace your garage door? Many reasons can make now the ideal time to switch out the door. Think about the energy savings that is flowing right through your door if you have a single panel versus a dual panel garage door with a high R-rating. Does your door work like it should, or does it creak and groan the entire time it is rising? You may not realize how important your garage door is to keep you and your belongings secure because it is an item you use every day.


Top 5 Reasons To Replace VS. Repairing Your Commercial Door – Ft. Worth TX

Jul 20, 18 • News5 Comments

Commercial Overhead Door Dallas TXFor business owners, the door to their business has a certain symbolic importance. It is the entryway to the workplace that they have invested their life into and it can be a strong reflection of that dedication. That being said, when issues arise with your commercial doors you have to make a critical decision. That decision revolves around the question of replacing or repairing your commercial door. Decisions like this come up often in the business world, and it is often the most long-term and cost-effective solution that is chosen. In this case, when you are looking for commercial door repair, it is often your best bet to choose commercial door replacement rather than commercial door repair.



MyQ Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener

MyQ Smartphone Controlled Garage Door Opener
MyQ Smartphone Control is the top smart home app used to both monitor and control garage doors. This smartphone controlled garage door opener allows people to check up on, open and close their garage door using their cellphone.

Whether you’re at work, at play, it’s comforting to know you have the safety and convenience of controlling your garage door by simply pressing a few buttons on your phone. Using these WiFi garage door openers means when it’s dark or the weather is bad, you can open or close your garage door without leaving your home or vehicle.

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