How to Know When It’s Time to Buy a New Garage Door

buy garage doorThe value of having a garage offers a homeowner or business can be seen in the way it provides multiple opportunities to deal with a variety of issues. The problem is that like any other product, a decision on whether to buy a new garage door will eventually have to be made.

The strategy to continually buy garage door products to hold off that day is what most people attempt. However, a new garage door installation is in order when a number of clear signs emerge that the door has moved from being an asset to a burden. Below are five ways to make that determination:


5 Ways to Keep Dirt & Debris Out of Your Garage

Sep 19, 16 • Fall, Garage Tips1 Comment

residential garage doorsOne of the constants for those with garages is that dirt and debris will somehow find their way into this area. With the high winds that are a part of the Texas landscape, there’s little defense against these issues finding their way into someone’s garage. The level of activity in there, the people coming through it and even the condition of the vehicles that reside in there can make it virtually impossible to keep things clean.


How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Opener

Aug 18, 16 • Garage Door OpenersNo Comments

broken garage door openerThe ease and comfort that comes with having a garage door opener are feelings that can change abruptly when this handy deviceis no longer working. There are a number of different reasons for what seems like a broken garage door opener. These can include such things as broken cables or springs, the alignment of the track needs to be fixed or an issue exists with the opener’s transmitters.


Keeping a Hot Garage Cool: What’s the Best Cooling Method

Jul 26, 16 • Garage Tips, NewsNo Comments

garage maintenanceWhen it comes to the dog days of summer, few places seem to be hotter than the vast Texas landscape. Keeping cool is vital to enjoying all that the Lone Star State has to offer both residents and visitors.

For those with residences, having a garage means constantly looking for cool areas while in there. The problem is that most activity within a garage during this period takes place during daytime, the hottest part of the day. So the question then becomes which method is the best option in these circumstances?


7 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Jul 18, 16 • New Garage Doors1 Comment

new garage doorWhen it comes to the type of new garage door Fort Worth residents would like to buy, the differences can boil down to a number of varying considerations. Different tastes, needs and areas have to be factored in carefully because the decision to buy garage doors is one that figures to be an important investment.


10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Wind Resistant Service Doors

Wind Resistant Service DoorsIf there’s one thing that Texans have learned to expect when it comes to weather conditions, it’s that high winds will be an ever-present danger. The damage that can result during inclement weather conditions can wreak havoc not only for homeowners but businesses as well.


How To Measure A Garage Door

May 27, 16 • New Garage Doors1 Comment

how to measure a garage doorThe literal ups and downs of a garage door are such that eventually the need to replace it becomes an issue. However, given the many different models and sizes, the numbers of questions that surface as a result can be confusing. In the case of the size, knowing how to measure a garage door and the radius becomes extremely important for the consumer.


How to Know When to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

May 12, 16 • Garage Door SpringsNo Comments

garage spring replacementHaving access to a garage in North Texas can be a godsend during the summer months, since it helps avoid getting into a vehicle that can be unbearably hot. By simply closing the door, that heat is held at bay, but inevitably, garage door repair becomes a necessity for a homeowner or business.


Converting Your Garage Into the Ultimate Man Cave

Apr 22, 16 • Home Improvements, NewsNo Comments

garage man caveThe notion of the man cave has obvious appeal to males, since it offers a place that they can escape to when they have free time. It might involve playing games, listening to music, watching television or something else that can done alone or with friends.

Of course, finding a place in a home can be difficult, since a basement (which tends to be the usual location) may not be available. However, one option to counteract that issue might be to use the garage as this home away from home, since it figures to get maximum use, especially if things are done right.


Types of Garage Door Springs: Extension vs. Torsion Springs

Apr 13, 16 • Garage Door SpringsNo Comments

garage spring repairFor most people in the North Texas area, garage spring maintenance may encompass any number of considerations, even though many people don’t tend to put a lot of thought into the type of springs on their garage or overhead door.

However, the onset of warmer weather, potential high winds and heavy rain mean that a door should be ready to handle the rigors that come with volatile weather conditions and high temperatures. If that’s not the case, then some garage door repair might be in order, if not garage spring repair.


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